Hypnotized her to blow me.
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    Hypnotized her to blow me.

    Ok guys. I have a story I want to tell you all. I just joined and learned about all the great info on here. This story is going to sound crazy and it is because I couldn't believe it myself when it happened.

    So I was in college and had a girlfriend that wouldn't blow me or would do it for two seconds and get grossed out.

    My school had a hypnotist show that I went to watch. I was very interested in how he did it. It was the typical show where he ended up trying to hypnotize the whole crowd and would end up getting a few actually hypnotized and up on stage to make them do funny stuff. blah blah blah. I was interested in how it worked and the only thing I noticed was the intonation, emphasis and speed of his voice on certain words. When he was doing a suggestive type saying like "your eyes are feeling heavy" or that kind of thing, his speech pattern would change. I thought, how freakin cool I wonder if any chump can do this.

    I didn't think I could actually put someone to sleep or hypnotize them while they were awake. I had an idea though. I waited until my girlfriend was already asleep (she is a pretty sound sleeper). I then proceeded with different intonations on the phrases "listen to my voice", "sleep", "you are sleeping deeply to my voice" and that kind of stuff. I did this for like 20 minutes because I didn't know which intonation would work right. I then started inserting "you love/want to suck (my name)'s penis/cock/dick" with different intonations, emphasis's and speeds. I probably did this for about another 20 minutes and gave up.

    I shit you not and swear to God, I got a blow job the next day. She didn't start finishing them until a while later. But after she stopped that first one I asked her, "so that wasn't so bad huh? Seemed like you liked it" (suggestions again) and she replied "yea not bad. I kinda like sucking it".

    I've read more about NLP and the power of suggestion since then and realized that was what I was doing... even though I really didn't know what I was doing.

    Happy hunting,

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    You ever read David Shade's stuff? He goes into stuff like this for getting a girl to orgasm on command, and a few other things.

    Just, yeah, study up on it before you go any further with it.


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    I think she woke up and got freaked out about what you were saying, and in an attempt to prevent you from whispering "suck my penis" in her ear for an hour in a weird voice the next night too, she sucked your dick.

    How about this, if your girlfriend doesn't want to do something she's not comfortable with, chill the fuck out and stop trying to "hypnotize" her to suddenly want to do it. That's pretty pathetic, if you ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheek View Post
    I think she woke up and got freaked out about what you were saying, and in an attempt to prevent you from whispering "suck my penis" in her ear for an hour in a weird voice the next night too, she sucked your dick.
    Whatever gets the job done

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    Close, but no cigar!

    This is most likely a case of correlation being mistaken for causation.

    People will not and cannot do something under "hypnosis" or with a post-hypnotic suggestion that they would not do otherwise.

    To allay the concerns of anyone that the OP actually "hypnotized" her to suck him off, consider the facts that suggest something else was the cause:

    *She had already fallen asleep. Hypnosis is performed on subjects who are awake and is not designed to put them to sleep, but to induce a relaxed state so that the subject will focus better on the suggestions of the hypnotherapist.

    *She had already established a pattern of performing oral sex on the OP in the past, although not enjoying it, according to him. The fact that he "got a blowjob the next day" after whispering sweet nothings in her ear doesn't mean anything, because she was already in the habit of doing it.

    *He consciously suggested to her that it's not that bad, and it's possible that he was cleaner or smelled nicer or whatever at that moment. The MOST LIKELY explanation is that his encouragement was positively reinforcing and that's why she continued later. NOT that he had "beginner's luck" at hypnosis.

    I seems, at times, that there is more misinformation on this Forum about suggestion and other techniques than there is information.

    Also, to the OP and others, while it's nice to post your past recollections on the Forum, you're encouraged to help each other by posting (a) recent events, and (b) information that will help others (or questions that relate to) meeting and attracting women.

    This post is incorrectly suggesting that whispering in your special girl's ear will get her to do something she otherwise wouldn't.

    That is false.

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