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    Quote Originally Posted by play2win View Post
    It's something fun & interesting. I am not saying open girls with it, while you are in comfort at your house you can say hey want to something funny my friend showed me and boom. As long as you are passionate, girls will be interested. Future talks about video games and comic books, Savoy about board games, Sinn about his love for V for Vendetta (do these guys need to "fix" their personalities?) People should stop drinking the hatorade.... it doesn't take much logic to find out why his initial post is unacceptable.
    No hatorade here. Just constructive criticism. :P

    Thing is these guys (Savoy/Future/etc) talk about stuff that congruent with WHO THEY ARE. In the same way mystery's magic works for him because he is a magician, your math thingie works for you because you're a math philosopher dude.

    I don't think this routinne/trick is a good thing for new guys to try and do simply because it just seems so...uneccessary. It's not congruent with who they are. At best it's a cool little trick to fill an awkward silence. Don't quite think it's a DHV.


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    Ive tried this thing and i cant get it to work. the outcome is the first three numbers of my phone number, but the last four arent right. Can anyone help?

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    do you press enter or equals after each one?

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    I do each step and then press enter which is equals on my calculator, i get the first three digits but not that last four... ?

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    This works!

    Once again the trick works! I tried it several times and i got GOOD reactions all the time!

  6. what's cool is everybody has calculators on their cell phone so you can do this trick anywhere.

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    I have tried this thing in every which way and for the life of me i cant get the last four numbers right. The last four numbers are always less than what they should be


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