HB9 waitress #close tonight
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    HB9 waitress #close tonight

    Went to dinner w/ a friend...first 2 places were closed on a Mon.
    We have to wait a few minutes,and hostess takes my name for wait list...I c/f ask her if she`s hitting on me...she smiles.
    we`re sitting down and waiting..and...Booom...walks passed a 9...she walks by again, and I say.." Hey, Missy...what are the dinner specials" ?
    she turns around and does a twirl and points to the specials board right in front of us...which I did`nt even see.
    She walks by again, my blind side, and my wing tells me she was all smiles at me..but I was`nt looking up.
    So, we have dinner...and I`m set on a #close. and ignored her thru out dinner.
    I tell/ask my wing I`ll be outside in a minute. ( as just one guy is hitting on her...not 2...and not to give her too much attention from 2 guys).
    I find her up front near the register, and ask her if she rides...
    that thru her off...
    she says 'what' ?...and I say horses...friends and I are going riding this weekend, would you like to join us. ( I love the animal hook w/ chicks..and I had noooo plans of riding this weekend)
    she asks where...I tell her where....she says work schedule has`nt come out yet...but she usually has to work on the weekends..and I say that`s no problem we can do something else during the week.
    I ask how old she is...she say`s 23 ....I say I thot she was older...(Neg), she quickly says she`ll be 24 next month...qualifies herself..c/f
    I ask how I can get in touch w/ her....and she says I can call her.
    she writes her number, and I reiterate how we can do something during the week..she says ok...and I leave.
    1) I was fully expecting the I have a BF line.
    2) Stick to the field-tested material and sequence.
    She`s 20 years younger than me... I`m liking her already...
    Keep sarging !

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    nice doc. that was such a great field report. short, great, to the point, and very, very helpful

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    I was very nice to the hostess and others...the one touched and noticed my Black cashmere sweater..(completely covered in dog hair), she made comments on how soft it was...she came back for more...and I told her their was only one thing softer...lol

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    That reminds me, I #closed a waitress last week. FR on the way...


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