Married woman gets fingered
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    Married woman gets fingered

    Saturday night in Houston after coming from offshore….. I’m ready to go sarging, so I called my wing, he tells me there’s this nice club where he is going to meet up with some friends, so we go to this place and is packed of women, average age: 33, they have a stage with some band performing, the vibe is really good….. Let’s the game begin.

    I walked around talking with my wing and his friends….nothing really happens after 30 minutes in the club, after a while my wing is dancing with some chick, I passed by and started dancing latin music with some HB8, she is about 35 years old….with a friend, I danced with both of them, I left them there, I’m just building social proof…. I get close to my wing, he’s still dancing, I’m trying to sarge the friends of her chick, so I go and just started dancing with them, 2 HB8, they acknowledged me but are not really into me….my wing came by and introduced me to them, I tried a small talk with them but they are not giving me a good vibe so I left them before I get burn, behind them I saw an HB8, she is in her 30’s, with really nice hair up to her shoulders, dyed blonde and black, the kind you see on hair stylists… I looked at her and she is already looking at me, I go up to her and said:

    Dirk Pitt: I know something about u
    HB7.5: What’s that?
    DP: you are a hair stylist
    HB: no, you are wrong
    DP: Well, your hair looks great anyways

    She gave me a really good vibe so we started talking, she was with a bunch of female friends she went to college with( she is a consultor for an oil company, she said she is 33 but I think she may be in her late 30‘s) , she loved my accent, she said I talk like Tony Montana, she introduced me with her friends and I started making them laugh about the Tony Montana thing, you know: “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND” , they loved it and I’m totally in, I ran a few routines like the: “ I’m an ass model” so all them started checking my ass and they wanted to spank me, the “90% of the women routine” and another one I invented out of a joke, I call it the “Psychic watch routine”. I joked around for a while, They all think I’m a comedian, she is laughing and everything is going well, I guess she saw it coming so she told me she is married (actually all of them are married) and she doesn’t want me to waste my time…..

    Waste my time…..I don’t do that.

    HB: Look, I’m married and I don’t want you to waste your time while you can be talking to some other girl…..
    DP: Don’t worry about me, I already have everything set up for tonight….. I’m just having fun
    HB: Ok, no problem

    I knew she was already attracted to me so I just kept making jokes and routines and basically just having fun….

    I have to say that normally when I see a ring on a woman, I don’t sarge her…
    I overlooked this time, so when she told me she was married it was too late…..for her, we were already in the attraction phase so I saw some potential and I went for it.

    After some talk with her I excused myself to go for a beer and actually try to get something else….I walked around and ran the Brad P opener of “one night stand” on some girl that was giving me eyes… she didn’t like it so I returned to my set.

    We were into some good rapport….she started getting close to my mouth so that was the ring bell for me, I started the sexual innuendo:

    DP: Are they really good friends of yours??
    HB: yeah, since college..
    DP: Would they be able to keep a secret for you?
    HB: They’ve done it before, of course….why??
    DP: I was just asking….
    HB: Why??

    I changed the subject but I knew the sexual tension was already on…. I kept playing with her friends and taking pictures of everybody, they were now my “COCK-ALLOWERS” .

    She kept talking really close to me, so I said she had a really nice mouth and I wanted to crawl in there…. I ran the Mystery kiss close, she said no, obviously I said the answer to that, that you already know

    She was into me but her rational mind was still reluctant…

    A few weeks ago I read the Layguide, it has a lot of stuff from Ross Jefreys, that’s not really my style but I thought it was the moment to use something from that school:

    DP: What is the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?
    HB: mmmm I don’t remember, why?
    DP: I was talking to my sister today and she said that a guy went up to her and said this:

    At this point I change my voice to a really deep seducing one and started to look directing into her eyes…

    “ I would like to go down on you, all night long, just the way you like it, until you get so wet and horny that you want me to be inside you”

    She was just looking at me, I knew I got the effect I was looking for: getting her thinking in me going down on her….

    DP: Can u believe this guy said that to my sister…..?
    HB: Well, I’d like to be your sister at that moment.

    At some point all her friends where either sprayed around the club or too drunk, she was buying me beers by the way…..
    This part is still confused to me because either I didn’t understand what she was saying to me or I wasn’t paying attention but all of the sudden my ear caught some music…. I’m talking about this kind of music:

    HB: I would love I wouldn’t be married so could fuck u tonight.

    I started dirty talking to her, she was loving it….. this chick had a lovely husband and two kids at home…..but she was craving Dirk’s dick tonight….anyways, she was giving me some ASD out of guiltiness:

    DP: Let me take u home, I’ll give u the best sex of your live.
    HB: I’d love to but I can’t, I’m married and I love my husband and my kids….
    DP: This doesn’t have anything to do with them, you love them and nothing is going to change that….this is about you, you need it and you know it.
    HB: …….(thinking about it)

    I was fucking this chick brain….

    Recently I got an email with some audio pick up report from Glenn P…. Thanks man, that was fucking helpful….I took something from it:

    DP: Put your fingers in your pants
    HB: What??
    DP: Put your fingers in your pussy, I want to smell it

    Surely she did and surely I was smelling her fingers, they smelled like peaches…..surely I was licking her fingers… I put her hand on my boner…..she got so horny……I was just going fucking caveman on her…..

    At that point everybody was getting ready to leave, the lights were still off but everybody was closing taps, she had already taken my number (I don’t give my phone number to chicks but in this case she was married so I understood), she went to the bar to close her tap, I hugged from behind and started dirty talking and playing with her clit, I pulled my fingers out and I made her lick her juices….. I told her to go to the bathroom but she didn’t want to, they turn on the lights so everybody started to look for their people to leave the place, including us….I knew she was out of town (Dallas) and she was staying at her friends house so that was it for the night.

    I said goodbye still inside the club and I went for my wing, I didn’t want to pass as needy, she said she was going to call me next time she come to Houston….

    I saw her a couple of times later in the way out and we were making out each time, outside the club my wing was talking to her friends which were waiting for the car, so I talked to her a little more until they left.


    I’m pretty sure if the logistics on her part would being better…. She’d gotten fuck that night…. She said she’ll call me, I don’t know about that, she can just leave it as a “crazy night” or she may be really looking forward to get it….. I don’t care, I had a hell of night, I learned a lot and I had fun plus boosting my ego skyrocket….but I know she has been married for 8 years, so she may need some “fun out of the house”….specially with a Colombian stud….. I wasn’t kidding about the skyrocket ego….it comes with the trade.

    Dirk Pitt

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    Great FR.

    Having a woman finger herself in a public venue is one of my favorites as well!

    Great move.


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    i want to hear a follow-up...sounds like this would end up being a buyer's remorse situation

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    Yeah, most likely...... but if something happens I'll let you know with details.(I actually have a picture of her... but I don't think is safe to post it here).

    Dirk Pitt

  5. She may be married but she sure as hell isn't DEAD!


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