FR from Long Beach this weekend--STICK THE LANDING!

Went to an entertainment conference in the LBC this weekend. Many hot latin women in attendance. I sort of walked in with a ton of social proof because I was speaking on a panel, and the people I was rolling with were all strong leaders and personalities---we were the people you wanted to roll with. So here goes.
Arrive on Friday and meet some friends at a restaurant. An acquaintance introduced me to an HB7 who works for her. (Introductions from friends put you in A2, correct?)
So here's something I've been trying, with a high degree of success. After meeting, the target eventually reveals something about themselves (nationality, where she's from, her job, her hobby, etc.) Once I hear what that thing is, I IMMEDIATELY HIT HER WITH "You're a (Mexican? From LA? Publicist? Rock climber?) I can't even talk to you now."
Old school, yes. But it works, because the girl is now intrigued. In this case, she was Latin but looked slightly Asian---as do I. So I went into role-play
ME: We both look kinda Asian. We should go to work for the government as spies in Asia. Mr. and Mrs. Smith--or Mr. and Mrs. Kwan. We could save the world.
HER: (laughing): Think we could pull it off?
ME: Don't let me down. Our lives are in each other's hands.
We goofed around with this role play all night. She would say something that was a test for me, I would tell her we are breaking up, want my cds back, etc. The whole crew was in on our little role-play game. Escalated, using kino, c/f. Then I broke away when her attraction was high, flirted with the waitress. By the end of the night, brought the girl back to my room, kissed her, then sent her back to her room (she works for a friend, knew she would have LMR--and I wasn't in a rush.)
The next night, I concentrated on being social with EVERYONE at the bar of the hotel, making myself the center of the action. I think this is a vital part of the game---just having fun, merging sets of people that have NO targets in them but consist of fun people. Targets will notice.
I know this, because at the formal gala dinner that night, I went from table to table, meeting new friends like I was the HOST, and a lot of the girls said they noticed me at the bar.
While still working the HB7 from the night before, I focused on two other targets. An HB8 that was a photographer of the event, and an HB8 who I'd jumped into role play with almost immediately (she said she was Mexican, I told her I was breaking up with her. She loved this. The false disqualifier is POWERFUL, because it disarms them while keeping them warm and playful.) Anyway, I found out later she had a boyfriend---but it didn't matter. Read on.
The HB7 from the previous night comes up and tells me "You're going to have to choose who you want--the blonde or me." I made some funny comment that didn't answer the question, then moved to another set. The HB7 would leave early.
Now the HB8 photographer had seen me talking to a lot of different women, so when I talked to her after the bar (got her card with her number), I sensed her face saying "I know the kind of guy you are, and I'm just going to be friendly, but you have no chance. " This, plus one of her freinds said she had a boyfriend.
Not that I cared, but in combination with the attitude, I talked to other girls, and told myself I'd hit her soon with an email (she's a photographer, I saw her work online and gave her a compliment---telling her "I know you tried to pick me up, and I thought you were just a pretty face. Didn't give you enough credit--you're talented." We'll see what happens.)
My wing was the social engineer, so everyone was checking us for what the after party would be, including the HB8 I was role playing with. So we went to a bar, and I was introducing her as my "ex-wife, who wouldn't stop booty-calling me at 2am." She played along, saying a girl has her needs.
Now here's the thing---I'm not even really trying to work her--I'm just having fun, plus I know she has a man. But we're having fun. I am qualifying her, my frame is strong, and I keep teasing her that she wants me only for my body, and that I'm not that easy. (here's the thing---you never know the seed is planted till it sprouts later.)
I also have my camera with me, so I'm taking crazy photos of everyone. We all bounce to a strip club (my boy is a master at getting these girls to bounce there. great game.) The HB8 is sitting on my lap, we're taking photos. We were going to go get a lap dance, but the club closed early.
In the taxi on the way back, the HB8 leans over and surprises me and starts kissing me. (the seed has sprouted!) We're in a cab full of people, so I kiss her for a while--then I pull back and say "we have to slow down." The look on her was like she wanted to DEVOUR me. I kissed her a few more times, we agreeed to bounce to her hotel room. My boy was hooking up with her girl, so they bounced.
But it's here that too much alcohol fucked things up. She asked me to get glasses for the wine---and I refused, telling her to go get them. I figured it was a hoop she wanted me to jump through. Social robot mistake---lay off the alcohol later in the night.
Now, when I attempt to kiss her, with us alone in the room, she doesn't want to kiss. I try to freeze her out, but I think her LMR is kicking in hard. She tells me she's been with her boyfriend for eight years---since she was 22. She's only cheated one other time---and she's only had sex with two guys. I can see the guilt creeping up all over her.
But then we start kissing again, and here's my stupid move. I move to finger her---and I do---then she FREAKS out. Starts CRYING. tells me she thinks I should go---which I do.
The next morning we talk, and everything's cool. She says we r still friends, and it's all good. So I take the initiative and go over to her room, just to sleep for an a hour with her. I sleep in her roommates bed for an hour.
Her:You better not snore.
ME: YOU better not snore.
So we slept for an hour, her roommate called twice and woke me up, so I decided to leave. Hugged and kissed her goodbye (on the cheek.) My only goal here was to do a bit of damage control, leave her on a positive note.
She texts me later:
HER: I found your socks
ME: My feet thank u. Hold them for me--they have huge sentimental value. I want to see u in la.
The lesson here? I should've pulled back more in the room. Should spent more time in COMFORT---making her her feel ok. Even if I didn't get laid that night, I would've been an attractive, fun guy her life that was tempting her. The alcohol makes you want to close the deal right then---fucks up your calibration instincts.
It's probably a lost cause, but I will email her in two weeks to see if she still has my socks.
Oh--and that morning, the HB7 from the first night texts me--
HER: Come the airport. I want to say a proper goodbye.
I wouldn't get there in time, so I hit her back
ME: Can't get there in time, but I will be in NY in a couple of weeks. We can say hello and goodbye for hours.
HER: Promises, promises. Do call when you come down.
So all in all, a great weekend. But I have had enough of NOT sticking the landing because alcohol makes me too anxious for an outcome. So live and learn.
Hope this is helpful for you, brothers. I welcome your Monday Morning Quarterback analysis.