Attracting a colleague.
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  1. Attracting a colleague.


    I am new around here and need help.

    How would one go about attracting girls at the work place, say attracting a colleague who is new at your work place (a few weeks) and has a low S-R value than you do, lower to you in heirarchy and has a boy friend. Would the usual tricks of MM work. Any special tips that may be of help.

    I ask you these because I did not meet her for the first time at a party/pub or a disco, but at the work place.


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    Personally Id get talking to her and run a few SS patetrns, in a work place it is quite easy to tie them into a convo. Or perhaps a casual bumpin at lunch, try a couple of cheeky openers.
    It should be much easier at the work place, she is new and has no confidant thee, time to step in and bring the bar room hero to the office.


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