Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now
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    Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now

    Finished this one a few days ago.

    Will help improve game.

    Will help you find inner joy - as opposed to the mind created pleasure and pain.

    An absolute must read for EVERYBODY.

    One point, tho: Some of the concepts I understood because I had watched the tolle videos on YouTube. I'd say watch the videos first because I know for a fact that some revelatory points Tolle makes would not have sunk in so deeply had I not watched the videos first.



  2. Yup

    One of the best best books I've ever read

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    Quote Originally Posted by Predilection View Post

    One of the best best books I've ever read

    I agree. This book has helped my game maybe more than anything.
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  4. It's my #1 favorite book of all-time. Not even close.

  5. I agree. Although I found the audiobook way better because you can listen to while driving over and over and just absorb the knowledge until you become one with the Power of Now.
    This book changed my life forever and all the friends who I have given it to as a gift of life.

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    Hey Guys,

    What happened to Eckhart happened to me a while ago.

    One of the things you need to be careful with if you are into the path all the way, is to avoid getting caught up in the Now.

    There is no now, just allness. Time is transcended in the non-duality.

    Don't fall in love with the body and the senses because they are not real. Just form instead of formlessness where everything manifests from. Don't mistake form ( Newtonian Reality )for the reality.

    Sometimes folks get caught up in yoga, zen and reinforce duality by believing they are their body, or develop siddihis and fall in love with the abilities one gets.

    Non-duality everything is one and Newtonian reality is just a Holodeck and so are you. Nothing more than photons and information in the holodeck. So don't take life ( form ) to seriously and have fun live life. ( Don't forget to expand your consciouness too).

    Happy Hunting!

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  7. I took a look at this because everyone seems to hype this book.

    My thoughts:

    It's in the same section of the bookstore as stuff on "crystal healing" - strike 1.

    Subtitle of the book contains the words "spiritual enlightenment" - strike 2.

    I couldn't get through the first chapter. Too much "spiritual" mumbo-jumbo. "You are not your mind" - of course i'm my mind, what else would I be. There's no such thing as a spirit. All that is "me" is electrical impulses in my brain, which is just a very complex computer.

    As a rational skeptical materialist atheist, I find this book useless.


  8. ^ur seriously missing out man.
    i 'm not a spiritual person either and just skimmed over the parts where it got a bit spiritual etc. god references could have been excluded - i'm not religious, but you dont have to be to get the core values of the book.

    but yeah this book is awesome, if only for the simple concept which it teaches:
    the past is gone, you cannot relive it in glory or rehash your past troubles therefore they cannot affect you - the now is all you ever have, no problems can affect you in the now - the future is not here yet so you cannot worry about it

  9. I got this book a while back and read the first few chapters. The stuff Tolle lays out is mind blowing, and I remember feeling good reading it. The next day though, I remember being is a sort of torpor all day, worrying if I was in the now or if my ego was "in control". The concepts themselves are strong, but its not something to think too much about.

    Also, even though some of this stuff may help you with women, I wouldn't call this a pickup book. If you follow Tolle's ideas (namely forsaking the body and senses for the spirit) to their logical conclusion, one of the things you would have to do is stop pursuing women.

    So in conclusion, I'd say this book has some good concepts, and the first few chapters can give you a feel for a few things you may want to work on. However, I don't think you can fully implement some of his ideas unless you actually commit to a serious lifestyle change.

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    Listening to it now

    Im listening to the audio book right now. Im not sure how its going to help my game but i will continue listening because of how highly it is recommended.


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