need help **warning: long**

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    need help **warning: long**

    theres this girl that i go to college with and ive like for a while. we actually met becauase i was djing a house party and she kept bothering me about the songs she wanted me to play for her. i never hung out with her during the week and i never had her number (this is before i came across the game). eventually she asked me for my number and i gave it to her and got hers. i would see her almost every weekend as i would do the djing for the particular house. she would always come over and give me a hug and just hang out with me, (i wouldnt be able to dance with her bcuz i had a job to do). every once in a while she would grab my waist or ass and tell me how horny she is and that she wants good music that she could grind to. this would happen every couple of weekends but i never had the courage or ability to try anything with her. last night i got a sort of break from djing the house and had my friend do it instead. she texted me earlier in the night to make sure i would be at the house or else she wouldnt go. shes the first to get there after me and as soon as she gets there she runs over to me and sits on my lap and gives me a kiss on the cheek. we danced for most of the night and kissed for a couple of seconds while she told her friend to take pictures and then she started nibbling on my ear. eventually her friend pulls her away and they start drinking a little bit. im trying to make sure they dont drink too much as she told me that she pregamed at her apt with a couple of shots of rum so i would tell her to get me a beer and she would get one for herself and i would just take it from her. she didnt stop me or anything, i would just allow her a sip of 2 every once in a while. she got out of my sight for a little bit as i had to take care of someone who kept giving my friend a hard time while djing and kept pushing him around. i come back to her and she and her friend are completely obliterated drunk. i decide i need to take them back to their place before the both get injured as they kept falling over. i have my friend bring over his car and we drive them back and i throw her over my shoulder and take her upstairs. i tuck her into bed and make sure shes comfortable and then i tell her that shell be alright and ill call her in the morning to make sure shes ok. she tells me im a liar and that im not gonna call her in the morning and i promise her i will. she pulls me in and we kiss a couple of times and she tries making out with me but i stop her and tell its not right bcuz shes drunk. i kiss her once more lightly on the lips and she eventaully passes out. i leave with my friend and text her "babe you'll be alright, i'll call you in the morning"
    the morning comes around and i give her a call but she doesnt pick up so i leave her a voicemail telling her to call me back. she texts me 5 mins later telling me that shes still a little bit tipsy and she doesnt kno wat to do. i tell her that food will help and that she should put something warm in as ill meet her outside her apt and we can go get something to eat. she said shes gonna bring her friend who is also still tipsy and i decided ill also bring my friend who was helping me with them the night before. we meet up and go to lunch just talking and laughing about how funny they were acting the night before. ( i forgot to mention she left her camera in my friends car so i took it to give to her during lunch) i give her the camera after we finish eating and are just sitting around and she looks at the pictures on the camera of us and starts to blush and when her friend asks to see she doesnt let her. she smiles a little bit and asks if im going out again tonite because she wants to party again. i tell her she can come but im not letting her drink and so she gives me a look like "you can't tell me what to do" i ignore it and we are about to leave lunch when her friend asks if she called bill yet today. she said no and i ask who bill is and she says its my boyfriend. i am surprised as she constantly flirts with me and i ask her how long they have been going out. she says they are not official but they have been with eachother for 2 months. my heart drops but i think to myself ive seen her almost every weekend for more than two months and i have never seen her with that guy. yet i start getting a little depressed and so we leave lunch and we walk back to her place to drop her off.

    i guess the point of that whole story is i don't know what to make of the "boyfriend" thing, since i really like this girl and im still new to the game and don't know what to make of the situation as it has happened to me before. i spoke to my friend and he said i should call her and talk to her about it. i thought i might ask the advice of the forum members before i do anything.
    i know its long but i thank u for reading it and would appreciate any advice you have to give

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    Boyfriends are a problem. Trust me. Ran into one last week, and then I ran into the girl again last night and a completely random club. It sucked, because I was in the middle of a really strong 2-set. Obviously, shes fucking around with you, your more interesting. She will drop him off eventually, just don't fuck up what your doing :-). You'll be fine, do not put that much thought into it. Remember, its still her life. By the way, TD's Boyfriend Destroyer's work wonders at times. If you use them at the right time.

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    What is TD's boyfriend destroyer method Vampyro


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