How to get rid of the player vibe?

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    How to get rid of the player vibe?

    I sarge with some wings. I usually sarge alone. But, when I'm with wings they comment that I give off a "player vibe". Its REALLY hard for me to catch it!! My question is, has anyone else ever had this problem? It is a major sticking point of mine and any tips to get over this would be helpful.

    I'm working on it...a lot.

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    its an IoI if your "male" friends say you give off a player vibe

    its an IoD if a "female" says you give off a player vibe

    if a female knows you are hitting on too many women, then you are being too aggressive w/o having too much mutual attraction.

    if a male says you are giving off a player vibe, take it as an IoI. if you are approaching set after set after set, you have an edge over other people who would only approach 2-3 sets a week.

    so ignore your freinds, if they say you have a player vibe, take it as a compliment

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    The fact that you are giving off that vibe to male friends is something to worry about.. Women are known to perceive things about you that male friends don't catch as easily. So if you put two and two together you are giving off that perception to everyone.

    I cannot really tell you what it is that you are doing that gives off that funky vibe but all I can suggest is that you analyze your interactions carefully.

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    Who cares? Dude! Keep doing what ever you are doing. If your wings tell you that you give of a 'player vibe' but by the end of the night, they come out drunk, and you come out with a girl on your hand. Guess what... SHE didn't think you gave off a player vibe.

    And trust me... Girls say, "Oh! I hate players so much!" ... LOL not even close. If a girl knows that you are a player, she will PURPOSLY will want you to hit on her so she can prove to her 'girlfriends' that she 'can't be played'. Haha! But it usualy ends up with her leaving with you, and telling her girlfriends, "He is not actualy a bad guy, it just happened I guess"

    Dude, I got a few girls in my college that keep calling me a player and shit. BUT those girls are the first one to run up to me when they see me to give me a hug and a kiss.

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    yeah, i think most guys try too hard while trying to pick up, when you approach make it genuine, don't just be going up and opening everybody. Open as much as possible but you should be able to detect when it's a good time to do so,etc. Guys think you'r ea player if you open a few sets, women think you're a player when you're just aggressively opening sets with no response. So just taper it down a bit.

  6. Usually means you're attraction game is solid, but you aren't moving on to develop an emotional connection with people. Try shortening your opening and attraction routine, move in to rapport sooner.

    Rare to get called a player when you develop an emotional connection. (Except in a fun, "I like that you are a flirt" type accusation).


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