Good opener - need some banter lines to perfect it
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    Good opener - need some banter lines to perfect it

    I've been successfully using the following to open girls that are standing close to me. For example, if I'm at the bar and a girl comes up next to me to order a drink.

    I look at her and with a straight face, I say "excuse me, but you're invading my personal bubble right now". (make a circle motion with your hands around chest level indicating the borders of the bubble). Every time I've used this opener, the girl laughs and goes along with the joke. Most times, they will say that I'm invading their bubble.

    My comeback lines have been to say things like "I don't know you, you could be spreading germs in my pristine bubble".

    About 25% of the time, it has led to sexual frames where the girl is talking about "popping" my virgin bubble. etc.

    Overall, it's a really fun opener. But I want some more banter lines that can be used with this. Any ideas?

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    Check out the Banter Lines thread in Best of the Forum and see if anything strikes yer fancy?
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