Bartender neglect my game?
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  1. Bartender neglect my game?

    Unikue questions:

    Alright guys, first mistake was my drinking..but I love drinking so I do it..
    Toward the end of the night I started my wonderful game on a bartender that I have had a few encounters with. Everything was going well until one of her friends joined in..i thought i knew her friend so i called her by the name that i knew her as. It turned out not to be that girl so i basically looked like a chump. I sat at the bar and then asked the bartender 'can i leave now' she said yes you can, if i feel like it i'll call you later...

    What do I do about this....fuck :P it all was so good.....

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    xexe, sounds ulike u fucked up big time, not bcs u confused the name of her friend, who gives a shit, she's no one in your mighty eyes (of a PUA) but your rxn o it seems pretty awful,

    + why would u ask her ig u can leave?? U're the one in control! U tell her that u gotta go.
    Also Bartender girls are in general very social so they r hired guns and probably quite experienced dealing with guys. You defianntly dont wana be the drunk guy buggin her, u want to the the cool guy who just want to have a good time.

    As far as from here on, i think, since u were drunk, it was late, blah blah, u can slide by with your mistake, but u have lowered your value in her eyes, and u gotta establish dominance next.

    GOOD LUCK let us know what happens.

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    I THINK its almost impossible to pick up an bartender drunk

    i dont get the "can i leave now" point either, it was probably cauz u were drunk

  4. Sad thing is, this girl is a 6.5 at the most - but she has this approachable vibe. You're right, after thinking about the interaction now there is definitely something missing..


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