Looking for wingmen in Brighton
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    Brighton, England.

    Looking for wingmen in Brighton

    Experienced, encouraging wing required for recent convert to the game. Lives in Brighton (good clubs, weird scene). Recent relationship break ups have left me feeling a little 'pessimistic'. I require advice and encouragement and general guidance to 'make the most of myself'. I'm in my early forties ( I look and behave much younger!), intelligent and good company, but shy around women (not entirely sure why). Just starting to study Mystery Method, but will soon need some in-field experience. If you're up for it, get in touch!
    P :-)

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    Hey Dude! I'm a fellow Brightonian who regularly goes out sarging. Are you on messenger?
    The Daddy

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    Between a Rock and a Hard Palce

    Brighton 2 London and Back Again

    howdy y'all
    I lived in London for about 5 years but now living in Brighton
    Im usually in London most Saturdays to visit family, would love to go sarging there again butt dont fancy doing it on my lonesome, so if anyone wants to hook up just let me know and hopefuly we can arrange sometime
    Similarily anyone who wants to sarge with me in Brighton as most my freinds here are either half way down the aisle to the altar or far to shy to talk to chicks....either way they dont go out much, so i go sarging on my own butt my game is so much stronger with a wing or mate or some type of back up

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    Brighton anyone?

    ok so i know Mojo, baby girl and the daddy are located around here but is there anyone else?
    (mojo, babygirl and the daddy get in touch regarding meet ups, etc!)
    Going to be moving there in Sept so really need to get together a good group of guys!
    If your Game, get in touch.

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    hi mate hows it goin?
    Definately interested in winging with ya when you get yourself down here. Youre gonna love brighton.
    Just found out about this site, been reading mASF for a while now, been out sarging with someone from there. He's a cool guy, headed out to brighton tonight with him.
    Me, Im from boring Goring which is a bit past worthing, but I drive in to brighton, worthings the pits for nights out. Only bad thing is I can only really have 1 drink to get me going then stick to the cokes, bah :/
    Let me know when you wanna sarge and we'll sort something out.

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    Think im actually going to be living in Eastbourne now because its where the uni course im doing is based, plus its cheaper. Will be a pain in the arse for nights out though surely?
    I dont really know the place so havent a clue how far out eastbourne is too brighton?
    Or do you think its more worth me moving brighton then commuting to eastbourne each day?
    Any advice would be appreciated as im really stuck for choice and really dont want to make the bad one.

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    Commuting to Eastbourne would be easy from brighton, you could get a train ticket for about 20 quid a week I think. The nightlife in Eastbourne is nothing compared to brighton though, you would be travelling over here every weekend if you lived in Eastbourne, guaranteed.
    You could probably drive it in half hour come to think of it.

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    Hi the Daddy, when are we meeting? i'm ready.

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    Moving brighton now will be there in sept. PM me your msn and we'll chat more on there

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    Hey guys, i'll be in brighton in september. Add my msn: dj_robn@hotmail.com
    Will speak to you all more there.

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