FR: 2 Breaking down my early game (262 of 500)


Union Sq

1st Set

- It felt extremely hard to approach this model looking girl. My excuses were "shes sitting down facing the book shelves

reading... How in the world am I supposed to approach that!?" But after a while I could see it was just AA" So I went up to


I've started doing direct because I feel like routines get boring from time to time. I pretty much learned today that direct

and indirect feels exactly the same. You still need to look at your target with the intention of fucking her. You have to

look her in the eye and give her the "im going to fuck you so hard look" so after opening with both I pretty much feel like

it's the same thing. Sometimes one might be better than the other though.

Anyway, the girl reading in the "EASTERN RELIGION SECTION"...
She looked at me smiled and said thank you. And then turned to her book.

The opener worked well enough, I was in.

The follow up to that opener was: WELL, aren't you going to say i'm cute too!?? Ohhh I get it so you're the kind of girl that

can take a compliment but can't give one...

SHE SMILED... and turned away again.

Up to the point the game was happening really slow for me. But now everything started to happen really fast again.


PLOUGH and stack!???

I need a smooth transition. THAT IS WHAT I NEED TO WORK ON NEXT the transition.


this is what I should have said: something like "see if you're ever getting one of those again..."


AND go into a funny story...

This girl's reaction didn't give me much to work with.

But i did have many things to work with:

1- the FACT THAT SHE'S sitting reading middle eastern religion books
2- The FACT that she's facing the book shelves reading.

I could have taken the frame that 'we were married'

And used the things I had to work with... like:


so it would go something like this:

Honey, don't tell me you're changing religion... you know my parents only like catholic girls.

Honey, if that book shelve falls on top of you im gonna have to cancell the wedding... Im am not walking down the isle with

you on a wheelchair.

This is the kind of stuff I need to work on. Be able to create spontaneous role plays using whatever she gives me to work


I need to learn how to banter. I remember when I got into this community I went to see a speaker at the lair and he spoke

about using banter which is "to speak to or address in a witty and teasing manner" (merriam webster online) so after the he

spoke I went up to ask him."Dude what books did you read to get good at bantering" and he told me... "I don't, it just comes

natural" I also asked people who are good at it, and they tell me, you gotta pay attention to what she says.

The best advice on bantering I got was from Glenn, and he said ok from now on everytime you go into set, pretend as if you

two are married. And anything she gives you, riff of that.

So that's what I am working on right now...

I think my problem was pretty much frame control. The frames weren't set before I opened.

It's like in the improv 101 class i took, each player needs to make a decision, where they are, and who they are when they go

on stage. That way the scene will be much smoother.

So if you go into set and you don't have your frames down such as... I am the prize, or we are married or whatever you want,

it going to be much harder to banter and you are going to be shaky to any shit test you get.

Before I went in that set i should have:
1- Set the frame. (Who am I?, Who is she?, Who is cooler?)
2- Opened right away
3- Do my opener
4- Transition
5- Banter/ Story telling

I could go on forever but i need sleep so I am going to end it here : )

I did ten sets today... I was able to stay much longer in some sets. So from yesterday to today it was a 200% improvement. I

also kinda moved my body and danced while listening to music on the train. I was working on the BRADP social anxiety thing.

That was fun.

peace out