How to Fuck Christian Virgin Girl
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    How to Fuck Christian Virgin Girl

    So, I've gone on 4 dates with this girl and ended up making out and fingering her on the last date.

    I talk to her later and find out that she's a virgin because of religion and that she wants to save having sex until marriage. On the other hand, she says she has given blow jobs. I definitely don't plan getting married for at least 5 years until I finish college.

    Is there anyway to convince a girl to consensually have sex who has these beliefs? I'm thinking this is a waste of my time and I should keep her on the side while I pursue other women.

  2. Hey Pinky -

    I'm just a keyboard jockey these days, but to me this sounds like a case of LMR on steroids. Religion is an extremely powerful motivator for a lot of things (think about the Crusades for example), but if you build her attraction to you ENOUGH, she'll do it. My advice: think of ways to counter LMR by building more attraction and acting like it's "no big deal". Above all, patience. It's a scary thing to go against your religion sometimes.

    Best of luck!

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    I think push/pull is the way to go for LMR.

  4. That's probably the best move. There are so many women. One thing that might help would be to find out exactly how she defines sex. Perhaps to her it strictly means vaginal intercourse? It sounds like she may be open to oral sex. Perhaps she might be okay with manual stimulation and anal sex as well... I've heard of girls that will do anal but not vaginal because they are saving vaginal for marriage (but I've never actually met one). Also, the more you fool around with her the more she will start to like you and thus want to have sex with you. In time it might become impossible for her to hold out.
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  5. fuck her bro itll be eazzzzyyyyyyy

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    Oral sex...still sex.

    What was the longest LTR she's been in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdnightfly View Post
    Oral sex...still sex.

    What was the longest LTR she's been in?
    I haven't asked her that yet. She's really hard to talk to but and she's really shy but I don't really mind because I'm not really that talkative either. When I talk to her she usually gives me short answers to my questions and I have to keep probing her for more info. But since she's HB9 18 year old I'll give her a shot. Most of our interaction is through kino and kissing. I probably have to build more comfort and rapport to get her to talk more.


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