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    I was watching the Cliff’s List Convention DVDs the other day and watched the little section about how they got into this, what their experiences were, etc. before each speaker went on to speak. In Mystery’s portion, he had a little segment in which he had said “I want to teach this to men, so that one day, when they have a beautiful wife and a child of their own, they can teach this to their son.? I really thought that was interesting and I wondered how many people would actually follow through with that.
    So, who here plans on having children one day and will teach this to their son? Would you take him out and demonstrate? How would you go about teaching?

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    My uncle was a bit of a womaniser in his hay day, now after his third marriage he trying to keep it sacred (has strayed a couple of times), his son, my cousin was following in his dads footsteps until they had some big heart to heart (think he wants my cousin to settle down and produce some grandkids) but what kick started my cousin apart from seeing his dad in action (in the field NOT IN BED!!!) being taken to a strip joint in Lecister Sq London, England, UK, at the grand old age of 14!!!


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