Stop girls flaking: The ultimate telephone/text guide for PUAs!

Hi Guys,

So we have all seen this before, you go into a bar, see a hot chick, work the set, attraction, impress ann build comfort, you get a number or even a kiss! You go home feeling like Leonardo in Titantic!

You wait one, two , three or whatever days;
#you call, no answer, you leave a message,
#you call and speak
~you send a text, she replies
~you send a text and she doesnt

One of my sticking point at the moment is that although i am great on the phone, and although i am great in sets, girls are still flaking! Why???

No obvioulsy i am doing something wrong! However sometimes i am not even getting the opportunity to get them on the phone to even talk! So how can we improve this and ensure that every set wants to meet up with us!

I have created this thread as an ideas pool, so that hopefully it can become what the Title states!!

What i want to know is,
  • do you have any techniques that you use in the field that helps chicks want to text/call you
  • do you ask them for their number
  • do you say that you have a gf?
  • do you highlight that you wont call them

You see where this is going! Some come on PUAs come share your ideas and experiences, good or bad!