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  1. FR: Need advice/comments

    I'll get right into it....

    HB7 comes into view. I go in....


    HB: "Hi"
    " hey, I gotta go here in a second, I need your opinion on something "
    HB: "ok...."
    " A female opinion "
    HB:" Oh ok "
    "Well first of all do you read that much fiction"
    HB: "Yeah, blah blah blah "
    "I like to buy books as presents and I just needed someone's recomendenations on some good books in teen fiction genre. It's for my little cousin."
    HB: :: laughs :: ", blah blah blah .."

    Fluff for a few minutes, got a lot of laughing so I figured it was time I could eaze into A2

    ..following a comment she made
    " Well goodness! blah blah " her crap in a joking manner
    HB: :: laughs and puts out her hand:: "What school do you go to? "
    " I go to the University up here.

    I took that as an obvious IOI, she extends the hand and she asks for more information.

    " Your interesting "
    HB: :: giggles slightly :: .." Thanks "
    " Hey I gotta go here in a sec, we should hang out. "
    HB: " Should we? "
    " Of course "
    HB: Well, here's the thing, I'm kinda talking to this guy " :: Holds up phone ::

    Long story short I didn't win but didn't totally lose, I just gave up on the girl because I really didn't feel like getting into it, I felt like it was a crash so I got out with cocky funny and left.

    Ok, here's the thing, she said she was kinda talking to this guy. I believe it because she was textmessaging a few minutes before I came up to her. But it wasn't her boyfriend. If she said she had a bf I would have got myself out, even if it was a test, but she was so hesitant about hanging out/giving out her number because "he would get really jealous"....but they were just talking! So I feel it was weak game that refused to get it. The fact is there were many IOIs! She laughed, asked for more information after the opener and some fluff, and extended her hand for the " proper " introduction and exchanging of names. I wanted to get the # and then hang out with her later for comfort time. It didnt' happen.

    Do you guys see the problem? It was either weak game and she was using the talking guy to pretend to be more serious, or it was decent game with obvious IOIs and she was lying about how serious the two of them were. Any advice for next time guys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjohns09 View Post
    " Your interesting "
    HB: :: giggles slightly :: .." Thanks "
    I think this^^^ was the main problem here.

    Everything seemed to be going smooth untill you IOI-ed her without a reason
    What did she do to earn that? Thats why she tried to shit test you which you didnt pass by the way.

    Next time try to neg like
    "You're interesting, but not really my type"
    or something like that.

    Good luck sargin'

    P.S.Also this sounds needy. She's again shit testing you and you seem the one to care about hanging out again.

    Quote Originally Posted by bjohns09 View Post
    " Hey I gotta go here in a sec, we should hang out. "
    HB: " Should we? "
    " Of course "
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