Ok how do you know she is just a slut...
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  1. Ok how do you know she is just a slut...

    ok so i go into my regular bar and i see a girl whos celebrating her 21st birthday. i through alittle game at her and begin to think that i must be doing something right cause things are going very well. from time to time we split up as a group and talk to other people, but after a while i begin to feel as though it is just too easy. i even begin to get bored with this girl. and its not cause she isnt doing stuff, i mean this girl is all over me. the problem is that although i am the only guy she is kissing on save maybe one other dude i think i say kiss her. i keep getting the impression she is easy. i even made a comment to a buddy abouth her being too easy and i wasnt gonna do nothing with her. but she keeps coming back up to me after talking to this guy and that guy. my question here is when does it become too much. when do i think it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with her being a slut. I mean this girl is just playing the game just like any of us are trying to. so should i think she is easy and a slut just because she made her self available to every cock in the bar when i do the same thing to pic up chicks after work.

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    Aaron AO Guest

    wear a condom.

    have fun.

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    amen baby!

  4. Why do you care?

    First of all, it's dumb to make assumptions based on how flirty someone is being at a bar.

    Second of all, so what if she wants to get laid tonight? So you do. Drop the double standard already.

  5. Did you have sex with her or not? She was probably just playing with you in the bar. Maybe you were the most interesting thing at the moment. IDK, I wasn't there. Does it matter if she is easy or not? I guess that depends on what you want?

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    I'd assume....It was her 21st birthday and she wanted some company so she didn't feel 'alone'. Certain times of the year are like that for women...

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    ^ DanJer is right.

    Who cares.

    Woman loves sex. Why does it make her a slut?

    Maybe if guys would drop such negative stigma of promiscuous women, maybe, just maybe we wouldn't need a community like this.

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    If you take her home and bang her, and she ignores you the next night because she's hanging out with another guy and walking out the door with him and so on, then you can assume she's a slut.

    Women can be "slutty" (I prefer "sexually liberal" or "Hedonist") for the best guy in the room that they want a ONS, but it doesn't mean they're sluts.

    There is also something called an "attention whore". Maybe she wanted to make out with as many guys as possible, but wasn't going to sleep with any of them. It was her 21st birthday and might have been seeking attention.

    Never confide in "buddies" about women you're interested in, even if you're saying you're not interested, your actions will usually say otherwise, esp. if he sets his sights on her. Unless you say "go for it" to him.

    It's better to say that you weren't feeling good about her because she didn't put you up to a challenge.

    If a girl walked into a bar and yelled "who wants to fuck me" the place would empty out in seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdnightfly View Post
    If a girl walked into a bar and yelled "who wants to fuck me" the place would empty out in seconds.

    That sounds like the the beginning of a joke... Hahaha.

    And I agree with all the above said information. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrasherAnon View Post
    That sounds like the the beginning of a joke... Hahaha.

    And I agree with all the above said information. lol.
    I'll work on that...

    Aso for your question. I am from Arizona spacifically Tempe right next to ASU campus. ASU is known for amung other things it's extreemly high STD count. I am more than familiar with your "slut" and can honestly tell you that there are two types of guys...those who do not sleep with sluts and those who do.

    I fall into the latter and here's why. I do not want an STD and my friends have been lucky enough to teach me from their past experiences.

    Now how do you tell if a girl is a slut,whore, "too easy"?

    Well for one thing look for those girls who are by themselves and obviously looking for one thing. If she is all over every guy on the floor she wants sex. If she is attractive then there is a reason she is there by herself and it aint celabacy.

    As for your girl in the bar I would say test things like body language and attitude...most the girls I hook up with require some working, I have to casually mention sex and I have to slowly turn on their switches.

    To me the challenge is the fun and if a girl falls prey to my char too easily I am just plain turned off but I also recognize that I have skills and those play a factor...maybe there is a chance you are just good at the game and automatically turned on all the right switches in her to cause the override and totally make her want your bone immediatly...

    Hope this helps,



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