What's the difference between squirting and an orgasm?

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  1. What's the difference between squirting and an orgasm?

    I've never considered myself incompetent in bed because I've always been able to get my girl to cum regardless who she happens to be for the evening. Well, so I thought. Much to my surprise, the subject somehow came up with one of my girls recently and after a week of steady sexing, she told me that she has never had an orgasm... WTF? Mind you, this is a girl that's wet almost instantly and ready to go well before I am, and probably enjoy fucking me more than I like getting sucked off myself. Ohh, that, and did I forget to mention that she wets my bed like the niagra fucking falls? Within half an hour, I'd have this girl squirting and shivering, and my bed would be rendered nonoccupational for the remainder of the night because it'd be soaked to the mattress. (and no, she did not piss on my bed).

    So now I'm hella confused. I've always thought I give every woman I sleep with at least one major orgasm per session. And now I'm completely stunned. Is it possible that female ejaculation is NOT always accompanied by an orgasm? Are they separate things? I mean, this shit is as weird to me as busting a peter north load on a girl and telling her you never came. WTF? Please tell me squirting, cumming, and orgasming are interchangeable terms for "Magie, you rock in bed," for I don't think my ego can take such a blow... well maybe it can, but I'd prefer not to.

  2. shes pretty much talking trash mate. Girls can have orgasms without squirting, so the fact that u make her squirt is pretty clear indication that she isn't faking it. So trust your instincts.


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