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  1. Please do not charge $200 for the manual. A lot of guys are just high school or college students working low paying jobs or saddled with loans. Also please do not limit access to the book by making it a limited print product. I have seen some posts on this forum suggesting that. Hopefully they're just joking. One of the tenants of the PUA community is helping other AFC's. Being selfish doesn't help the greater cause.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comet06
    Please, PLEASE make sure this book is limited in supply. The last thing we need is such valuable information being handed to thousands of AFCs and making competition stiffer.
    I disagree. I think that hoarding A grade material is only going to make the pick-up community stagnant and uncreative. Competition from aspiring AFC's is one of the most potent motivators for innovation. After all, what possible reason would a PUA have to spend time and effort coming up with exciting and powerful new routines if he were secure in the knowledge that the old ones were only known to the "Inner circle"?

    Besides, I haven't ordered my copy yet

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    Where can I buy it?

    Guys, please tell me, where can I buy the Routine Manual? No order link? LOL!

  4. yes, same as above

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Savoy View Post
    We actually address this in the book.

    But it's a reasonable point, and we're trying to decide whether we should make the book $199 to make it more rare. But at a certain point, that just promotes piracy. I'd only raise it to $199 if people who use it told me it was worth that much. We're one of the few shops that doesn't serve everything up overpriced, and I'd liek to keep it that way.
    IMO, it should be worth more than $99. The manual's great. I didn't realize I had so many routines that I can make after reading the chapter on "how to make routines".

    Thanks for making this manual, Savoy. You Rule!

  6. You can find the routines book here

  7. Quote Originally Posted by psyguy View Post
    You can find the routines book here
    why does this site seem so suspicious to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comet06 View Post
    Please, PLEASE make sure this book is limited in supply. The last thing we need is such valuable information being handed to thousands of AFCs and making competition stiffer.
    Otherwise, AFC's like me who are going to use the book as a script instead of a learning tool will be getting called out right and left, and then I'll still be an AFC because I can't make up my own routines like a real PUA would.

    lol. Just bustin' your chops, Comet06.
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    Glad you guys like the book. We put a lot of work into developing it. I think it will prove worth the wait.

    One of the main objectives Savoy and I had was to not only supply a large source of good routines, which the book certainly does, but also to provide a model of archetypal routines in the various categories; Transitions, Roleplays, Comfort Building, etc... So that people can develop their OWN versions after seeing what good routines look and sound like.

    Used properly, it should help you invent your own good material as much as use the material that is included. It serves BOTH purposes.

    In my (totally unbiased opinion it is the most useful, actionable product in the community.

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    Could you give any indication of when the manual will be going back on sale?

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