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    meeting parents

    Ok, how am i supposed to win over a girls parents? That is something i definately need to work on.

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    You have to make them laugh (EXCLUDING PERVERTED JOKES)

    The last thing the daddy wants is his little princes going with a perv.

    USUALY... 2 Things happen in my life

    A) I just meet them randomly. So I am at her place doing what ever. Like it doesn't have to be sex. We might just be surfign the net or what not. And if her parents come in, I just say "Hello" with a smile. Maybe a small talk.

    B) If the girl says, "Okay.. Tonight you are going to meet my parents" find out what her mom and dad do. So when you come in, RIGHT AWAY you can say, "Jessica tells me you are into European History?" He says ye.. Then you grab one point what you know aobut and talk about it. But make it interesting. Like don't ask, "So what did you tthink about the World War II killing".

    Ask something like, "You know I've read recently about the heroes of World War II, but not any heroes. The ones who helped the oher people escape from prison. Even though they didn't end up living past the war, they've accomploshed so much, for instance..."

    ANd he will be MORE then happy to talk about it. Heck you might even learn something.

    Concentrate on the dad more then the mom.
    Mom is a female, daughter is a female. They share a different bond then a dad shares with his little princess.

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    O, ok. that makes sense. Ill definately try that. Thanks!


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