Do you wear clothes for the ladies?

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  • Attention from women is a highly important consideration when I get dressed

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    Do you wear clothes for the ladies?

    Ok, right off the bat: Please respect other members opinions. If you disagree with what has been posted, then by all means, call the person on it, but back up your opinion and keep it civil.

    Do you wear clothes for the ladies?

    Do you buy your clothing with the sole intent to attract women? Do you even think about it?


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    When I buy something I always make sure of a couple things...

    1) Fits me VERY well (I hate shopping for jeans for that reason)
    2) Can go with atleast 1 other item I already have
    3) Makes me stand out

    I have some lazy outfits for tuesday mornings aswell... but when I spend lots of money on clothes (300+ for a day) I look for attractive outfits that will get me noticed when I go out yes.

  3. Some what important, i try to dress to impress for specific reasons.

    # I actually feel a lot better about myself when i know personally i look good.

    # Getting complimented on clothes makes you know you are doing something right about your clothing style / sense and gives a little confidence boost.

    # Wearing "out of the norm or non-average" clothes portrays self confidence. ( Sure most people have there safety clothes where they know they look average in ( stripy shirts ), and by out there i do not mean top hat with flashing sun glasses. )

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    I sure as hell dont wear em for the guys
    Actually, I get a lot of shit from some of my guy friends for jeans that are too tight and things like that. My response? That girls like a guy with an ass.
    So yeah, girl's opinions are pretty important to me, although I do like the confidence that comes from knowing I look damn good (although that confidence probably involves knowing that women think I'm well-dressed...)

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    I said "somewhat important". I think the clothes you wear should portray who you are as a person, to everyone around you. Besides crazy hair or accessories or whatever, your clothes are what show people what you want to convey to everyone who sees you. And as was mentioned before, well-fitting clothes you feel comfortable in make you feel better as well as look better, which is a great confidence booster for life in general.

    Women are obviously important in most men's lives, but they shouldn't be the driving force for something like this. I dress loud and I have kindof an ego (obviously) so I like to look good ALL the time...literally. My outfits are well-put together 24/7/365 unless I'm at home all day or sleeping. But I don't do it just for the girls, I do it to feel good.

    On the other hand, you never know who you're gonna meet. It's good to look presentable all the time, but not just to get you laid. You might meet someone who could be a potential business partner or someone who could develop into a good friend or colleague or whatever, it's better to look good than you just rolled outta bed.

    Just my .02, but it's also 2:45AM so idk how much sense it makes lol.

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  7. somewhat important.

    i dont always dress my best, but I certainly dont dress to impress college g uys

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    I voted somewhat important.

    Dressing up makes me more confident because I KNOW I look good and I do try to impress the ladies with it. But it's not like whenever I buy clothes that I think, "can I impress the ladies with it?" but rather "do I look damn ass sexy in this?" :-)

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    I dont consider it at all. Honestly, I know we all have those clothes we wear that just make us feel like nothing can go wrong! Those clothes that give confidence!

    For me they are Disel shoes, Disel Jeans, VG button up, and all the accessories that go with it. It gives me confidence in everything I do! I know I look good, and I know the women think I look good.

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    I said not important.

    I don't peacock. I have a few items of clothing that do grab a shitwack of attention, but that's just because I coincidentally liked them myself.

    Maybe if I wasn't already getting constantly complemented on my clothing I would be thinking differently.


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