You dont make love to an ass, you fuck it!
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    You dont make love to an ass, you fuck it!

    I get a thrill out of ass sex with women. I've given up trying toexplain it aside from saying that there have been maby 8 women histioricly that could truely impress my with their cock sucking skill. For the most part the thrill comes from her doing it in the first place.

    Likewise, ass sex doesn't phisicaly feel much different to me. It's the mental/energetic thrill and general lawlessness of it!

    1st. Big agreement that it is compliance not comfort that is involved with getting a womans ass.

    My sexual frame is strong. Hair pulling dirty talk etc. A woman is programmed to get off pleasing you. It's biology. One can't be an AFC when it comes to ass play. Talking about it might be the single most mistake a man can make when it comes to anal. It builds tension and unwanted resistance. Yes it is intensly pleasurable for her when done right, BUTT tryting to CONVINCE her of this is not going to happen.

    One doesn't "Ask" he simply does. When I am in closing mode (making out) I will reach down the back of her pants and apply a firm pressure to her asshole. This states not only my intent but contributes to the above frame of compliance. 1 in 20 women might squirm. With this during make-out,
    i've never experienced resistance.

    The only resistance to this tech I've ever had was during a blow-job. She was on her hands and knees while I sat on the couch. When I reached into he panties and grabbed her bung, she brought her hand back to my wrist without breaking stride sucking my cock. I allowed her to move my hand, and as she went back to blowing me I put my hand BACK on her asshole. As she moved her hand slowly back again still not breaking her stride I pushed/slapped her hand away. This happened twice and she never did it again. Two hours later she had her brown cherry popped.

    NOTE: Don't be a jackass and get yourself in trouble. I run a strong frame sexualy and compliance is the key factor. One has to watch body language carefully as to avoid unwanted prossecution!! So please don't respond with "I don't know man.. that's pretty fucked up and....." I've field tested this dozens of times.

    Even if you don't want to fuck her ass this move will put you in the compliance frame like no other.

    Just like kino, if you want to touch her ass, do so from the start. If a man doesn't kino a woman from the strart of seduction it stands out like a sore thumb on a day two.

    fingering: Rub her pussy and her ass.

    Oral: If it's clean....You bet. However, digital stimulation with one's knuckle/finger tip is deffinatly in.

    Fucking: Front back side put some pressure on it! Note: a thunb in her ass realy seems to accentuate doggy style like none other. With a thumb in her ass one can realy get a grip on the sittuation!!!

    Fore play: Rub your cock on her ass and pussie. Up and down that verticle smile! Once she gets used to the initial contact rub little circles on her asshole with the tip of your cock, then retreat. This is seducing the ass. Of course they're curious. Use this and make it irresistable.

    All the above gives her a natural interest in the sport rather than a cerebral understanding. Same as seduction. You can't TALK a woman into fucking you (LMR). One shouldn't try to TALK his way through the back door.

    Remember, she's already got a hole that was intended to be fucked. That will be her natural default. It already feels good to her in her pussy. Why fuck with success? Because she wants to be compliant and please you!!!

    Lubrication is overated, I said it. Counter to the most widely accepted advice on Anal, I rarely use it. Some spit or pussy juice works just fine.

    At times a LTR may throw it in but the majority of my women, (all whom I fuck in the ass with one exeption) theres no call for it.

    Course I'm hung like an ant so...........

    Actualy I'm not hung like an ant. Doesn't matter.

    Hauling out the lubricant fires off her cerebral mind. Gets her thinking. Gets her cautious. "What's he doing now, Oh he's going to try to fuck my ass, uh oh, this didn't go well with ---- before."

    Once your cock is rooted in her much of the initial movement will be taken up by the skin on your cock slippingas her ass siezes it. Lube can cause such a slippery mess that penitration becomes less accurate an again begins to allow her cerebral mind to engage.

    Esspecialy if you've been fucking her, you should already be coated with water based lubricant Ie. pussy juice. Wet your cock with a bit of spit. Good enough.

    As far as position is concerned the side lyin/spoon position is best, mostly because the pelvic floor muscles (her ass and pussy) and the suporting structures of the hips and thighs are relaxed. Relaxed is what were going for here.

    This poition also alows you a free hand that is unencumber by trying to keep your balance her balance etc. Rubbing and cock guidance is more articulate in this position.

    Lots of guys myself included have attempted the ass transition from behind. While not a complete no no, it is statisticly flawed, as a woman feels vaulnerable and taken (it's part of what makes doggie so hot for most women).

    The spoon on the othe hand makes them feel protected and safe.

    Once penetration has been established and accepted a man can then roll onto her back (laying flat) and then transition to the fantasy doggie style ass fucking.

    Vibrator DP trsansitioning. Toys can be fantastic acutraments to the bedroom. I recomend small(5'') and soft. Not one of the hard plastic numbers. Fingers can be too hard at times. ( If she has no experience with toys it is prudent to start there. Use it on her and tell her how hot she is to you. Then have her use it for you to watch, and again tell her how hot she is vibing herself for you.)

    Put a condom on the vibe.

    The tech starts with using the vibe on er pussy and occasionaly bringing the stimulation down to her ass. After some transition spend more time vibing the ass as you lick her cunt. Then gental pressing with the vibe will eventualy send it home. I don't recomend full penetration the first time. Just tease. Tell her how hot she is.

    At some point it will slide in. Now is the time for more intense vaginal stimulation. Keep light pressure on the vibe so that it doesn't slip out. While holding this pressure, Slide up and put your cock in her pussy. Reach under her ass and hold the pressure, then start the DP in earnest.

    At some point the action will break. *note* remove the vibe from her ass before you remove your cock. Trust me on this one. It's just better that way. The section ends on a fmiliar note Ie. your cock in her pussy and reduces the novelty factor making what she just did more natural to her and easing your return.

    A bit later you remove the condom from the vibe (still clean) and begin to use it on her snatch while you lie next to her. Nudge her onto her sid with one knee up/bent. Now after a bit of this, begint to rub/ease your cock into her. Aside from her previous experience with you DPing her, she is already relaxing as you penetrate her. This relaxation to penitration will add borrowing benifits to penetrating her ass.

    Field tested to 100% success. It has never failed.

    As the title of this thread indicates ass fucking is a form of fucking, not making love.

    It should be aproached as such. Don't try to couch your fetishist urges in a frame that you are truely trying to find her special spot. That's complete bullshit.

    YOU want to fuck her in the ass. She may be CURIOUSE but the motivation is all yours my boy!!

    Ass fucking is ellicite as illustrated by laws on the books banning it in many states and countrys.

    It is a power move simply.

    Not a romantic beach picnic.

    If you don't have enough authority forget about it. She'll sudgest you jack off on your bellie while she talks to her friend on the phone.

    It doesn't start as a sharred experience. This confusion will leave YOU frustrated and her relieved rather than pleasured by the most mind blowing orgasm she has ever felt.

    See the big part of the huge ass orgasms for women has nothing to do with her Physiology. It's primarily her psychology. She is relenting to a force superior to herself. This is what makes ass sex so hot for women.

    The most experienced ass queens I lay will never make love to my cock when they ride me with their ass. Without exeption the pummel their ass up and down on my cock with the lost look of a woman possesed.

    Yes be gentle at first.

    Yes be as considerate of her body language.

    Yes make sure you take care of your lover.

    Just like seduction the frame of sex is no different.

    Ass frame.

    Fuck it!

    Forget about love for the time being!!

    My best to you all,

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  2. This is a powerful technique, not for the inexperienced or feint of heart. However, I recognize all the elements that have succeeded (vs. the ones that have failed :] ) for me in the past. Compliance and dominance are the themes which MUST be adhered to for the sake of both parties.

    That early contact of the bung is an interesting move that I am now intrigued with employing.

    Lube can be "snuck in" with a little pre-planning, but like the man says, getting her good and juicy from the front is probably the most effective thing.

    Excellent and innovative post for the advanced player! (though AK, I wish I could directly correct the spelling errors in your posts :P )

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    five star rating!

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    the title alone gets 5 stars.

    This makes PERFECT SENSE, i would always joke about putting in this one girl's ass and she would be like "what? nooo..."
    but one time, we had a fight, i won, and my last words were something likening to "now get in the bedroom!" and suddenly i get this urge like "if there was ever a time, it would be now." and i said something to her and she really didn't seem resistant to it at all... but i decided against it. Now i know it WAS the perfect time.

    I shall not make this mistake again. Thank you.


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