Are you a virgin?

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  1. Are you a virgin?

    I have gotten this in the past and I am sure I will get it for awhile until I am truly congruent with passing off that I am use to hitting of women. What do you say to reframe or just make it no doubt in their mind that you are not a virgin? Girls say, "Are you a virgin?" ever so often, usually when you have not shown much value of course, but for newbs like me we are probably going to get this question. What do we say when someone says this or something similar. It seems like just No or Yes is not a good enough anwer. I am actually not a virgin but I want to be prepared for the inevitable, because I have only had sex once and I didnt get to finish for reasons that are for a different subject all together.

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    I think if you're confident enough in your answer, you can say either yes or no, it won't really matter.

    Just tell the truth, that's what I always do.

    If you've got that confidence and just smile and say no, she probably won't be surprised (remember the confidence is KEY).

    If you've got that confidence and tell her yes (this will probably take more than a one-word answer), she'll be surprised, likely in a good way. If she likes you enough she might even offer to be your first.

    Either way though, you said you're not a virgin so you don't have to worry about the second part, just say no. Or have a little fun with it and ask what she thinks haha, that's what I do.

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    The real problem here is that whatever caused you not to finish has obviously crushed your confidence so bad that all the chicks can tell that you are a virgin.

    Whatever happened, you gotta deal with it and overcome it. Maybe the best way is just to get some action as soon as possible. Or maybe you just need to face up to whatever happened. I don't know what's right for you but it's obviously a problem.

  4. if you get the question just laugh in their face and say yes or no. im a virgin (under my circumstances you'd be too) and i get the question every once in a while from the more religious girls that like me. seriously it doesn't matter because they'll like you regardless of your answer, its an IOI (in most cases).

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    Tease em with it. And this is one of many shit test questions where you assume an outcome and call them out on it. In this example, the HB wants to exploit the guys inexperience. So ask if they want that outcome. If presented right, it will turn the shit test into an IoI (they will laugh). Or you can neg.

    HB: Are you a virgin?
    Me: Do you want me to be one?

    HB: Are you a virgin?
    Me: What are you, 12?

  6. Lmao that was a great neg


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