I Wanna Seduce My Teacher But How?
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    I Wanna Seduce My Teacher But How?

    i got this hot ass teacher and me and her r on very good terms even though she hasent been my teacher for like a couple years. but we always say hi when we see each other and sometimes talk. she has shown me one sign that she might be interested in me but that was a long time ago. anyway so i cant just approach her like a regular girl cuz that would be inappropriate so how do i seduce her? btw she's married, but i'm getting a vibe that she isnt madly in love wit her husband

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    I got p0wned

    lol I can't wait to see the responses to this.

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    whats that suppossed to mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildRunner View Post
    whats that suppossed to mean?
    It means that you described a pretty hard target, one you could pass on.

    There are MILLIONS of women out there.

    The tough nut you described above is:

    (a) a former teacher who
    (b) you believe showed interest a long time ago and who
    (c) you apparently see from time to time (because you're still in her school?) and who
    (d) is married

    It don't make for a straightforward sarge. The only things that would make this harder:

    (e) she is a lesbian and the marriage is a sham; and
    (f) she is sleeping with another member of her own family; and
    (g) she is also a stripper and lives part of the time with one of her lesbian lovers, who is also married but unhappy

    Most of the advice you'll probably get is to go sarge other women.

    But, in the interests of scientific inquiry, we'll see if anyone disagrees.
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    She used to be your teacher AND she's married. She better be 13 out of 10. At least try to pull 10s first. If this female isn't beyond perfect, then don't even bother.

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    she is a 13 out of 10. thats y i wanna know how to do it

  7. do something bad so you have to stay after and write on the board over and over. Then sarge her. " I will not play with the bunsen burners." I will not play with the bunsen burners."

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    she's not his teacher

    this isnt smart and can cause huge amounts of shit
    but what you can do is run some generic openers like maybe an opinion one

    and u can run attraction games

    but she wont drop iois easily because she knows what position shes in

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    Just ask any girl in Oslo ;)

    I assume you have to indirectly convince her that the only thing between you two is age.

    And in love, age is just a number, right?

    But I think you have a very good case going here.

    Sarging the teacher=fucking the teacher (hopefully)
    fucking the teacher=better grades (hopefully)

    So to all students out there, this would be gold if you could learn how to sarge teachers, and I think that this is a whole new level of game!


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    Flash attraction game won't work.

    You need to pull out the deep and meaningful soul connected game and work that. Make it seam like heaven and earth are forcing you together.

    Prepare the bomb shelters for the fall-out.


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