Fader 1 on 1 Daygame - NYC, Dec 2007

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    Fader 1 on 1 Daygame - NYC, Dec 2007

    I have to say that this weekend was a eye opening and life changing experience. Before the 1 on 1 with Fader I attended the seminar with Future who is also an amazing instructor. Fader and I went through and broke down each part of day game and how it differs from night game. We also covered the psychological thinking we go through and the thought process of the set you are interacting with.
    Fader put a lot of emphasis on approaching life with a play to win mentality and to be a value giver, not a value taker. It was incredible to see the way Fader interacts with other people and the positive reactions he gave off and received.
    The biggest thing I took from this experience was realizing that I am the prize and that I'm somebody people want to be around and how thats the vibe you have to give off to the women you meet and interact with and if they don't like it all you have to say to yourself is "her lose... next". This weekend was not just an insight into day game but was also a spiritually enlightening experience. Fader is truly a master of his craft.

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    Thanks alot man. This is a really really great review. I appreciate it. Remember, you just have to warm up a bit to get in social mode, say hello, hi, get use to making eye contact and greeting strangers who make eye contact with you. Once you brain sees positivity from the interactions you will get more confident and be able to actually do real deal cold approaches.

    Work on the openers and the stories i sent you. You're going to be fine. By the time you start night game you will already be dominating.
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