Hot Asian Girls with Skinny Waists, Wide Hips, and Phat Asses

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  1. Hot Asian Girls with Skinny Waists, Wide Hips, and Phat Asses

    They require a new notch on the rating scale... HB11.

    And they also require a more advanced strategy to combat the scarcity mentality, because they truly are rare.

    Anyway, do you disqualify girls on looks alone if they are not HB7 or above? Or do you believe that even girls can have personalities that can overcome their lesser quality in looks?

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    Its all about what you think. Personally for me an asian would have to be outsandling hot to even make a 7 in my eyes. Hot black girls with white facial features and some tits are all 10's in my eyes, and hot white girls are the in between.

    I dont think anyone here has the same ranking for any girl.

  3. This isn't about what you think is hot. It's about my love of asian girls with tiny waist, wide hips, and phat asses.

    But technically, if you value personality as a trait that makes you attracted to girls.

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    I'm sure we've all learned by now that HB rating scales are almost entirely objective.

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    Sample pics would be helpful.

  6. These girls are so rare that man has not been able to capture them on camera yet.


    ^^^ I have gathered some footage of this creature. But we have not confirmed if these pictures are real.

    Stay tuned as we hunt for more evidence of their existance.

  8. OMG she likes the Red Sox! She is now a UG3 in my book


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