WHY are women so JEALOUS of EACHOTHER???
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    WHY are women so JEALOUS of EACHOTHER???

    Why are women so jealous of other women especially beautiful ones and why are they such sore losers if a woman obviously more beautiful than them comes along?

    I know it's all down to wanting to beat the competition and be the Alpha male's woman...but why are they so jealous of the one that gets all the attention from all the men?

    My GF is 41 and HB10 and gets seething looks from other women of all ages all the time. Eg she was at a weeding banquet where she was a friend of bridesmaid so didnt know anyone but the other women scowled at her and didnt speak to her and turned their backs to her when she sat at a table with them.

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    Because their competition is SOOOO indirect

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    One word: 'meow'

    And it has nothing to do with being anyone's woman, you give yourself too much credit. If you think it has anything to do with her being in your presence, you're fooling yourself. She makes YOU look good. It has to do with her standing out and all the focus winds up on her.

    And it has nothing to do with whether she's the nicest person in the world or the biggest bitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdnightfly View Post
    ...it has nothing to do with being anyone's woman, you give yourself too much credit. If you think it has anything to do with her being in your presence, you're fooling yourself. She makes YOU look good. .
    Err, I never said I was with her when this happens, where did you get the idea that I was involved? Everytime she's told me about it it's when I'm not around - I wasn't even at that wedding with her.

    There was one time I was with her coming out of an elavator and as we did this random girl comes in and scowled at her as she enters. I saw it that time.

    I guess it's just jealous women hate to think that a man (they like) will choose someone else over them and take away their attention. Women also make themselves up (and put a lot of effort into it) and feel bad when they see a much hotter chick look so much better as if she didnt even try. I guess at the wedding too as most people didnt know her they were thinking, "who the fuck is she?! And who the fuck does she think she is waltzing in here and stealing our men's attention from us??"

  5. Women are very competitive over each other. And thats a GOOD thing, it makes my job a hella of lot easier. You just gotta talk to a one HB, and the rest will jump you.

  6. From my experience All I can tell you is that women hate eachother. I haven't really seen one women that wouldn't backstab her "bestfriend" in a heartbeat if it was to her benefit. It is really horrible.

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    Man's astral or emotional body is masculine, and therefore active and under his control, whereas woman's astral is negative and absorbing. It is at the mercy of outside influences, and that is why she can be dragged down to lower depths in some ways than a man can. A drunken woman is more terrible that a drunken man.

    The emotional body is the spot where the energy of jealousy is located and where that energy is in motion ( E-motion, Energy in motion)
    The emotional body is the center of the solar plexus.

    The Solar Plexus Chakra it is located beneath the sternum, below the heart and below the base of the rib cage.
    Common symptoms of a closed/unbalanced Solar-Plexus Chakra:

    -Lack of self-control
    -Fear-based emotions
    -No sense of personal power
    -Sensitivity to psychic attacks
    -Intolerant of others
    -Preoccupied with details
    -Ruled by Ego-emotional body rather than Higher-Self emotions
    -Self-interest, selfishness

    -Blindly following others, hero-worship, instead of being your own guru

    When your Solar-Plexus chakra is balanced, you will experience the following:

    -Using yellow and golden energy to take back your personal power
    -Attain self-control of your emotional/desire body
    -More patience with others
    -More clarity of thought
    -The ability to walk away negative people in your life without becoming angry or

    feeling guilty

    Tone of the scale: E

    Endocrine gland(s): Adrenals, liver, and pancreas

    Related stones and crystals:

    -All yellow and gold stones


    "I own my own strength."
    "I appreciate all of my unique qualities."

    This Chakra has 10 petals
    It's governs the organs of the abdominal cavity the stomach, liver, gallbladder and the small and large intestine.
    The endocrine gland is the pancreas.
    It is associated with the lower astral/mental plane.
    Colour for this Chakra is Yellow.
    Crystal for this Chakra is Aragonite.

    The lower emotions based on fear- anxiety, insecurity, jealousy, and anger are generated here. This is the place of the wounded child, it can also be found in the sacral and base charkas as well. Its energies also affect the digestive system, the diaphragm and so the breathing. The solar plexus chakra is the ruling and governing chakra in most people. This charka's energies are the most influential, as they tend to permeate and influence the consciousness of most people. If it is unbalanced it can have the effect in most cases that people are predominately influenced and ruled by their own selfish desires. It can hold a lot of negative energy, due to a weakness in the personality. A balanced solar plexus chakra radiates the qualities of pure devotion love and radiates a power within. Energies from the solar plexus transfer to the third eye. It vibrates to a bright golden yellow.

    Disorders that can be associated with an unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra are:

    Coeliac's Disease Diabetes Digestive Problems Gallstones Hypoglycemia Liver Disease Muscle Cramps Peptic Ulcer Pancreatic Disease.

    The Solar Plexus Chakra is related to self-worth, personality, ego the way we see ourselves and others. It is also connected to Self-centeredness and the need to dominate. It is the center of personal power and intellect also our perceptions regarding control, freedom and power. It gives us our get up and go attitude to life.

    POSITIVES: Alert-Cheerful-Confident-Good Humor-Optimistic-Skillful-Spontaneous.

    NEGATIVES: Depressed-Distrustful-Inferiority-Jealousy-Over Analytical-Pessimistic- Sarcastic.

    The Sacral Chakra gives us the energy to turn desire into action. You know that feeling you get when you feel like your get up and go has got up and gone well this the Chakra that is causing that feeling as this is our center for our sense of personal power, we will need to get it back into balance quickly. A quick way to do this if you do not have easy access to crystals is to use laughter and fun this Chakra responds well to humor you can also do activities like jogging and running and also I have found letting out a really good primordial Yell!! works wonders

    The challenge of the third chakra is to ignite, connect with and focus our physical energy.

    The natural feeling at the solar plexus chakra is concentrated fiery aliveness. The essence power is strength and will.

    Associated with this chakra are perceptions concerned with power, control, freedom, the ease with which one is able to be himself - ease of being - as well as the person's definition of himself, the role with which he identifies and mental activity.

    When we feel the pulse of our own energy at the navel, we have tapped the source of our personal power. We can face life from a position of identity, determination, self sufficiency and well being. We have the will power to act, the integrity to know the right course of action and the energy to do what we want to do.

    It influences the digestive system when all 10 petals are activated. It also controls the subconscious and illuminates the mind. It conveys tendewrness, alerts initiatives and talents, and develops greatly the degree of prudence. The bad use results in the necessity to consume sugar, or in feelings of jealousy and the impossibility to say "NO".

    When the solar plexus is pure, then one is at peace with others, where all relations are positive, all conflicts are stopped and transformed into exciting confrontations, where one is learning instead of fighting.

    Jealousy is an ancient wiring from our past that has not updated itself to our modern time.

    Jealousy is also an unbalance for those that have not learnt to evolve and control their emotions.

    My post on Jealousy

    ATM we are learning to manipulate human nature to gain our desired effect..pussy.

    But I believe that human nature is changing and the effects of this in the future will be hard to believe.

    Can human nature change ?
    We must bear in mind that we are not simply considering the trend of evolution, which is a slow process. We are contemplating a great change over into a new way of living (together - no more seperation)Yes it is the beginning and an ending..
    a beginning of a new chapter in human history, and the closing of the old chapter which has lasted several thousand years.

    When people say 'Human nature cannot change' they are referring to this great passing epoch wherein the same major influence has ruled all the time.

    They are unaware that this is only one distinctive chapter in human development which is about to close.

    forces are at work that most are unaware of!?darkest before the dawn!?in order for such a change to take place it would require a momentum to build and accelerate!?and ALL could not be privy to the unfolding events in a prepared and willing state of mind!?and these doubts can be played upon to advantage!?to pre-vent the necessary commitments to insure the changeover.

    it's like a new car dealer comes to town and offers a great new car at a high price!?but of course it looks worth it!?so the old dealer merely lowers his price on the older cars and people just decide since they know the old better than the new and the price is now hard to resist they default and stay with the old!?what could possibly change this FACT of human nature while maintaining the idea of free will

    what could possibly change this FACT of human nature while maintaining the idea of free will!

    Answer...future changes in regards to sex and marriage.
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  8. Women are about as competitive as men. It just manifests in different ways.

    We're all part of the evolutionary game called reproduction.

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    great reaction midnit magik, thanks, I'd like to hear more

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    OP: Like people have said, women are jealous because they're judged by guys according to looks. if a girl looks hot, other girls are going to wish they looked like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Midnit_Magik View Post
    Man's astral or emotional body is masculine, and therefore active and under his control...
    That was the biggest load of crap I've ever read, and had nothing to do with the topic at hand. He's talking about women being jealous, not about shakras, moving energy, and goddamn symbolic stones.


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