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    Rosemead, CA

    I was wondering if there are any PUAs in Rosemead. I havent encountered any, but I haven't been looking much either hehe. post here, i would really like to be informed of any in this area.

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    Well lucky you, I'm in Alhambra :-) So we're really close and I know some other PUAs who live in my area. We go sarging a lot at the Santa Anita mall, so you should tag along sometime!

  3. Hey guys! Let me know the next time you go out. I'm a beginner working on my game. I'm in San Gabriel!

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    you guys still here?

    Hey guys I know this is an old thread but im in the el monte, baldwin avenue, rosemead, san gabriel area and could use some ppo to go sarging wit. Just graduated from college and starting work soon but got alot of free time. So just hit me up. my email is


  5. Count me in.

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    im in as well

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    I'm in. Pm me

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    hey I'm 22 and live in montebello and I could use some wings in my area. pm me If you guys are still up for it. I'm getting back from school this coming week and I really want to practice alot during winter break so I can go back a badass lol

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    Hey Bonsai I know you posted this awhile ago but I was wondering if you were still open to people going sarging with you. I live in Montebello and I'm really excited to go and practice over winter break and its always cool to have others with the same goals and mindsets to learn from. So if you have the time Pm me and let me know thanks! -Richard


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