if a girl say something to put u down is that shit test?
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  1. if a girl say something to put u down is that shit test?

    get this right? i know this girl but we i dont really talk. at one time we were out together with friendsafter work, there was like 5 or 6 of us. We were looking for a club for our friends bday and i was kind of somewhat leading the group, and she was like to everyone dont follow him cuz he won't know his way.. not only we found the club we couldn't get in for free, so we thought it wasn't worth it and we all decided as a group not to go. i had to call my friend who is his bday and come up with some lame story y we're not going.. and she was out of no where said don't let him call he can't talk.. i got offended and i pretended i didnt hear..

    i dont know her well enough for her to say those sort of things .. is she shit testing me? if so, is she somewhat attracted to me?? speaking of which i showed no intrest and a good looking guy (DHV)

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    The best defense for a shit-talking is not letting it affect you. Imagine if you said those things to someone and they smiled and teased you about your flirting skills needing some work. Chances are, you would feel kindof stupid and feel the need to qualify yourself. This is exactly the case here.

    Don't be offended if someone doesn't like you, simply show that you're the better person and maybe turn it into a positive interaction.

  3. there is a fine line between a shit test and an iod. i believe this has crossed it. stop hanging out with people who insult you.


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