Brad P./Glenn P./Gabriel cumulative reviews (UDS)

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    Brad P./Glenn P./Gabriel cumulative reviews (UDS)

    The Shocker or the audio CD's?
    From his field reports on ASF it sounds like he is coming up with some of the most creative and original stuff out there. It's often hard to translate that to print in a way that makes spending money on it worthwhile though.
    A lot of his material sounds like it would transition well into M3


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    Quote Originally Posted by fad3r
    I read the shocker. It stunk. I have talked with Brad a few times through e-mail and although he is supposedly a great pua his products are medicore at best.
    Yeah, that seems to be fairly prevalent, PUA's who can't translate their success into print. I like "horsegirl" though. I'm thinking of trying it out a few times this weekend.

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    the shocker

    dude brad p is really good for guys who dont know much about the community.. so hes a great help either way.. but yea.. back to the point.. the shocker is a great ebook.. his method for an opener is insanely good its better than opinion opener in my case..

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    I actually ended up buying this about a month ago and didn't think it was worth it. I really wish Brad P had put a little bit more effort into this e-book.

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    I have not read his e-book, but I've been on two of his field missions and they have been invaluable. He helped me develop two kick-ass openers that I have used 100+ times with success.
    His "shocker" openers are simply the best thing out there. After learning and using a few of them I have come to the conclusion that opinion openers are crap. Why use a neutral opinion opener when you can open, attract, dhv, and set the dominate frame within the first 30 seconds of metting an HB? His material quickly weeds out the lame bitches and you will know very quickly whether or not the set is going to go where you want it to go.

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    I actually agree with you that the concept of "The Shocker" is great. I have used variations on the Shocker about a dozen times and it's amazing how well it hooks. But I could have gotten 90% of the information in the e-book from Brad P's posts on ASF. There's just not enough information in this book to make it worth what he's charging.
    I can tell from his posts and from the reviews of his workshops that he is one of the most talented guys out there. I wish I had the free time and money available to go to one of his workshops.
    I am by no means trying to knock on Brad P in general. He really needs to come out with an e-book that's a little bit more substantive though.

  7. I liked Brad P's stuff. I think he has a fresh, decidedly East Coast perspective. Sometimes I cringe at some of the pickup lines that the West Coast PUA's use. It's just a totally different "culture."

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    i liked his ebook. very fresh and creative. but the price is..erm..more than dollar per page?
    in any casy if you practice with openers you can get really far really quick. cause you must have balls to use them!

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    Brad P - The Shocker Ebook

    I just finished reading "The Shocker" Ebook on openers. BradP has a very elegant way of explaining
    things. He talks about a Category of Opener he created a few years back that works for him
    better than all other known openers.
    BradP also creates a chart of all opener categories and explains the pro's and cons of each
    category compared to his Shocker Opener Method. I am very impressed. Thundercat a while
    ago wrote on openers and different categories of openers. But the ebook was more of a
    lay of the land ebook on openers and approaching.
    Another thing that BradP did was to show you how to create your own Shocker openers. A while
    back I wrote a review for the book:
    How to persuade people who don’t want to be persuaded.
    By: Joel Bauer & Mark Levy
    Both the ebook and Bauer's book make for a powerful combination in creating openers.
    Also his BradP's bio is here:
    I know that Thundercat released an updated version of his book "Art of Approaching"
    but I have not had a chance to pick it up so I can't really say anything about it if
    he added new openers etc....
    Anyway one of the most important things I think in BradP book is when he talks
    about just starting with a few openers and basically calibrate them and be ready
    for the possible responses you will get from your sets.
    It amazes me how many guys say " I don't need routines blah blah"
    Well if you use an opener you know what are the most common responses to your
    Thus you are always one step ahead in the interaction with the set and in control.
    If you don't use openers then you leave it to chance where ramdom threads can get
    all kinds of responses.
    Bottom line is, the sets are predictable, controllable and easy
    when you use your standard openers because you are ready for the
    typical responses. You can focus on other things while you are running
    You can't say the same thing about those who choose not to use openers.
    The ebook also give's tons of openers that I not seen in the groups so it's
    nice to see new stuff.
    I highly recommend BradP's "The Shocker" about time more info on openers
    was written.
    Anyway last week I ordered an interview series CD that BradP has come
    out with. It's an audio interview with a guy who specializes on Bathroom pulls,
    Restroom pulls.
    You know sex in the stalls with a girl you just met 10 minutes ago....
    I know guys who do this down here in Miami or just cross the street from the nightclub
    to the beach at night and stand by a palm tree while getting a blowjob.
    So I will write a review on that when I am done with it and tested it in the field....
    Here is the description of it :
    "Where do I even begin?
    Let me start by saying that The Pheromone Kid is one of my mentors. I learned much of what I know by watching him work and asking him how it's done. He is the king of all naturals, I've seen him seduce women in 10 minute or less on a DAILY BASIS.
    There are so many interesting layers to what he does, I can't even begin to get to it here, but let me list a few:
    -The Pheromone Kid uses a "Nice Guy" approach and treats women with the utmost respect at all times. Nice guys don't ALWAYS finish last.
    -You can use his unique method of eye contact to fascinate women before you even approach them.
    -This guy grew up as a fat kid and used his brain and sheer will to become one of the greatest seducers in history.
    -In the first interview, The Pheromone Kid describes a surefire way to completely nullify the impact of cockblockers and peer group.
    -His in depth description of the 10 minute seduction technique includes specific lines you can use and the meaning and sentiment behind them.
    -Sexual comfort is covered in depth throughout the CD. If you're not sexually comfortable with yourself, this CD set will reframe everything the first time you listen to it.
    -Interacting with a girl in a serious committed relationship is covered extensively. The Pheromone Kid gives you 4 magic words that can make your relationship work beautifully if you use them on a regular basis.
    -Listen in as The Pheromone kid gives me some coaching on my implementation of the 10 minute seduction technique.
    These 2 Interviews run for a total of 3.5 hours. It's a totally laid back vibe and an absolute pleasure to listen to.
    After meeting all of the top seduction gurus in the world, I can honestly say that I've never heard anyone explain the methods and meanings of seduction and relationships as deeply as The Pheromone Kid.
    The answer is simple. Before I came in and analyzed his methods, they were a complete mystery to everyone who saw what he could do. What would you say if you saw a man walk up to a woman he had never met, speak for only a few minutes, and then they walk away and have sex in a public restroom? It was an indescribable phenomenon.
    IT HAD TO BE PHEROMONES! There was no other explanation! So he was dubbed the Pheromone Kid and aspiring pick-up artists would rub their heads in his armpit HOPING some of the pheromones would rub off.
    During this time, I heard the legend of The Pheromone Kid. I spent months studying him and breaking his method down into a repeatable, reliable method. I taught it at a few of my seminars and some of the students had IMMEDIATE SUCCESS. WHOA! I was flabbergasted at the power that had just been unleashed.
    Now I bring this power to you, in the form of a 3 CD set. I hope you enjoy it and the experience changes your life. I know it changed mine.

    Happy Hunting
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    Quote Originally Posted by fad3r View Post
    I read the shocker. It stunk. I have talked with Brad a few times through e-mail and although he is supposedly a great pua his products are medicore at best.
    I think this thread on Bradp requires some clarification.
    I read "The Shocker" ebook and I think it's great. Knowing Fad3r to be a sharp guy I can only conclude that his review was based on an early incomplete draft copy and not the final release version. Hence both Fad3r is right in his review but I too am right in the review of the final version.
    I thought this was necessary because people were wondering how can two people have such different views on what everybody thinks is the same version of the same product.
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