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    First off I just want to say hey to everyone cuz this is my first post on the boards. Ok, anyway the reason I'm posting is because there's a pretty good chance that I'm gonna get some nice milf poon tonight and I don't wanna screw it up.

    Here's the story.

    I've been babysitting for this couple for about six months now (I know it's lame but they pay great wo w/e). The mom's pretty hot, an 8.5 I would say and her husbands a major wussbag but he's loaded. Anyway She's a really outgoing, playful person, and rather sexual. Whenever she goes out she does the whole attention seeking, mini skirt, low cut shirt (which show off her fake boobs rather well ) being outgoing, life of the party loud act. So that's pretty much what she's like.
    I've always thought about trying to get with her but I really didn't know how to go about it. I was pretty much the usual AFC. This all started to change a couple months ago when I first started to read up on the whole seduction community. I've now pretty much watched everything created by David D and have learned the mystery method pretty well. I'm no where near a pua but I like to think I've moved on up from AFC land.
    So one day, about a month ago I got the balls to start using some techniques (I'm naturally funny so CF works great for me). Now I know the whole jerk attitude isn't ideal but it's kinda what I've decided to use with her and it started to give me results. The first few times I would say something arrogant or "not nice" to her she would give me the normal bullshit "I can't beleive you said that look" but I didn't budge so she got over that. She started to flirt with me a little and we vibed really good the next few times I saw her.

    So here's where the shirt started to get heavy. The Sunday before last she and her husbad went out to a bar or something, doesn't matter. Anywho, they get home, the kids are in bed and her husband goes straight to sleep......but I can tell she still wants to have fun. So we start flirting back and forth for about 15 minutes. Sometime during the conversation I ask if she can get me one of her muscle relaxant pills cuz I was sore from....... I don't even remember, I just wanted one of those pills haha. So she says ok and goes downstairs to get one. When she comesback up I hold out my hand expecting her to give it to me but she's says "no, not now, I have an idea..."
    I'm was a little curious but didn't say anything. I played it cool. So we keep talking for ten minutes or so when she asks if I can drive her to the gas station to get a pack of cigs. (She said it was because she drank when they were out but I'm not sure I beleive that, she didn't even seem tipsy, but obviously I agree) So we're vibing having a good time on the way there. She goes in and buy's em and when she get's back in the car I say "you think boobs are showing enough? Maybe if your shirt was a little more low cut the guy woulda gave you a deal or somethin" (obviously her shirt was already VERY low so she laughed) But right after I mentioned her boobs is when the whole sexual convo took off. She started by showing me how she could bounce her pectoral muscle on the right, so she could bounce her right boob but not the left and put my hand on them so I could feel. It felt nice . So were heading back down the highway and she tells me to turn down some random road. She says, and I qoute "We're not going back yet, lets go out to the farm and have some fun." ......WOAHHHHHH. I didn't know how to react. I didn't freeze up but my game definatly went down after I knew what was gonna happen. We still vibed a little but the conversation was def slower on the way to the farm. Don't worry, I didn't fuck it up that bad. We still had crazy sex in the back of her suburban but the problem is that as soon as it started to get really hot and heavy I kinda froze up and the flirty vibe we had slowed down alot. I think it's because I didn't know how to act. Should I have ragged on her for seducing me to a farm, joked that she was gonna take me out there and kill me or what. I really didn't know how I should have handled the situation better. I did get some LMR but got through it. Although I feel like that wouldn't have happened if I have gamed it better.


    Turns out the sex was great for her. She told me right after we finished that we were for sure gonna have to do it again sometime, and last time I babysat she refrenced it again. So here I am now getting ready to head over to her house in about 30 minutes to babysit while her and her girlfriend go out, and I have a funny feeling, (definitely after the flirtatious phone convo we had about an hour ago) that she's gonna be in "the mood" when she get's back.

    So basically my question is how should I game this sex craving milf after I know sex is going to happen?

    ALSO I've found that I pretty much need to initiate or give IOI's a little bit and after she knows I'm up for fun she really gets sexually overt, so any idea's of how I can initiate some kino or some IOI's to give would be helpfull also.

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    Ohh man. I don't know what to tell you. You're on dangerous territory, that's for sure, be careful around married women.

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    Seriously, dude. I mean, this is awesome in a way cause it's every guy's dream, but I hooked up with a married woman when I was your age and I still have another younger one chasing me right now who I ignore. Just be careful is all.

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    Like the others said, be careful. One the positive side though, she might be coming back with her friend who also might be "in the mood", you never know

    I have to agree however that "We're going down to the farm to have some fun" can kill your game a little if you don't know how to respond, I would have tried something CF there, to keep the playful vibe going...

    Good luck!

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    How long have they been married for, and how old are they? It sounds like she's been doing this more than once to be that casual about it.

    I doubt the husband cares..if anything he's probably happy she's distracted not to bother him, or he assumes you're gay (meaning he won't assume anything, nothing against you personally) because an 18 year old male babysitter is a really unusual situation.

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    all I can say is

    PICS or BAN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterH View Post
    all I can say is

    PICS or BAN!
    haha...I second that

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    lucky bastard is the first thing that comes to mind! but hey, just remember: keep it cool! Just because you got it from her once dont just fall to her feet. Remember the Cat and string analogy! What makes the experience fun is the challenge. If it becomes too easy then why would she risk so much

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    Haha, this is like the plot to a porno. Props man aha.

    Like everyone else said, be careful, keep it cool. You definitely don't want the husband to find out, that could open up a whole lotta shit that you really don't need at your age.

  10. Nice story you wrote there, you could write the script for Dark Meat 23, they need talent in the industry.


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