Hi, I'm Manny the Martian and transitions

so I went to JC Penneys with a brah and tried out Tyler D's noob practice, "Hi, I'm Manny The Martian, what's your favorite flavor of bowling ball?" I go "Hey!" and open with Tyler D's noob line, "I'm Manny the Martian, what's your favorite flavor of bowling ball?". The chick was an HB8, worked their standing around. She gave me this Marlon Brandow eyebrow (one up, one down), and said, "What?" I just stood there for some time. She says, "What's my favorite kind of flavor?" She goes, "This is some kind of trick question, right?" Again I just stood there. And then I go, "Yahh, I was just shittin' ya". She goes, "I thought so." And I walked away.

Unlike the other cold approaches I've done, with DD's "Hi, I'm [name here] and I'm working on overcoming my fear of approaching women" and the JealousGF opener I actually had a huge op for a transitioner, and now that I'm thinking about it, probably had her in some sort of open-ended trance where I could have used some NLP to make her feel attraction for me.

It blew my expectations out of the water (in a positive way), because I thought that she would be all bitch on me or something like that.

Of course I have to do 3 more to get my four of these down and such. I don't have as many cold approaches under my belt as I'd like, but with that experience I think I could really use some transition ideas and speed seduction ideas.

So....I could really use some transitions and NLP/speed seduction ideas.