doing worse afc vs rafc
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    doing worse afc vs rafc

    then: back in high school i was a complete introvert and quite nerdy. I never even bothered lookin at girls cuz i was too shy, yet i always had HB7-HB9's hitting on me, trying to open me up or blatantly telling me they liked me and wanted to go out. One HB9 just said "i wanna hook up" and a different HB9 grabbed my junk and said "i wanna fock"

    now: in college this has changed alot. I got nothing for the first semester of freshman yr. even in junior yr, i still have slight AA but am a RAFC. i have to work for what used to come easily. Theres still the occasional HB8/9 that offers to romp around but those r most likely fools mates. Whats really changed is despite the improved game, noone comes out and says they like me nemore. The closest thing was when a girl's friend said, "My friends kinda interested in you. i think you guys should go out you'd make a cute couple."

    I know looks matter a little for initial attraction but i dont think i was good looking in hs and not any better now. Ive only had 2 HB7's come up to me this yr and tell me im cute but it was in a bar and they were prolly scamming for drinks.

    Feel free to analyze. Why is that HB flocked in hs but don't in college?

  2. Boo hoo. You poor thing. Do you realize that some guys will never get chicks just walking up to them like that because they are ugly? Yeah, but even ugly guys can learn game, approach women and become successful.
    Suck it up. You should be thankful!
    And I'll tell you something. There is probably something about you that you don't realize. If you ever read the book "Phoenix: Therapeutic Patterns of Milton H. Erickson", you might take a good guess. There are attractive people out there who have no clue because they have a poor self image of themselves. And because of this they never notice any clues. They never notice when folks are checking them out. And when they do notice they usually make up some sort of negative excuse and assume it wasn't attraction but the other person was actually making fun of them. That's your problem. And the way you mention about these women coming up to you like that is a sure indicator that you are probably even above average looking. That doesn't happen as much with average guys.
    Now why doesn't it happen as much in college? Because that's just the way it is. Highschool is different. Get used to it. Get some nuts and go talk to women. Fuck them. If you are good looking then you should have no excuses. Heck, you don't even need to say anything clever. You could probably even be a jerk and it wouldn't even matter. Yeah, have you ever noticed that better looking guys get away with more?

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    I think because in high school social status is based on different things than when your in college. Whatever you had in high school that made girls feel you could fit into their lives isn't present in college. So basically you need to adjust your thinking a bit. The most important thing is you realize their's a problem now all you need to do is solve it. Personally I think you need to just start fresh and read as much as possible. I dunno if you have allot of PUA friends to wing with but it helps to have at least 3 or 4. That way your skills can really evolve. If you need any kind of materials I've got allot of online stuff to help you out. So send me a PM and I will send you a few links that will put you on a path to remedy this problem.

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    thanks think ill chalk it up to having a higher social status in hs. actually hate pretty boys for the most part. they get stuff handed to them and r well aware theyre good lookin and get away with so much.
    think what is is now is that social status is not as high as before but that also doesnt matter as much now, only game does. seeing that i have very little could be why pu's take longer and having trouble id'ing ioi's/ transitioning. I dont get the pu until they get to know me. ill keep working on my game but only know 2 guys in the game and only 1 i would consider a true pua.

    he can game a set and get me laid without any work from me. freakin beastly

    ive only read the game and the MM's venusian arts. ill try to look for sum other stuff but ur right best teacher is experience. thanks again guys
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  5. Yeah, if you are already descent looking then you need to work on your iner game. Once you begin to believe in yourself more and in addition improve your social skills and feel more comfortable talking to people in general, you will be set. All you have to do is ask them out or what ever and you should do good. I'm mainly just saying that you don't necessarily need a ton of techniques or game to be successful. Actually trying will make all the difference. That's actually what most normal guys do anyways and they get laid. And the ones who for what ever reason just go psycho and keep on trying, eventually they learn natural game so well that they get good at it. For example, a friend of mine has been practicing for years without studying any of this stuff and he told me he made 5 new closes in 2 weeks!
    But studying with the materials will help a lot too. You will know more how to treat different situations. Your success rate will increase when you know more of what you are doing. And you will get the encouragement to continue to try to improve.
    For me it was very helpful. I had a lot of problems. I had no game. I didn't know how to deal with situations. And I didn't even want to fuck a lot of women. And when I decided I would change my mind and really try to play some more, I had a LOT to work with and change. Still do!
    Have fun. Read and learn. Then go out and play!


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