How I use NLP... Help Needed

* Rapport - Building trust, commonalities, etc.
* Fractionation - I break rapport a bit once in a while
* Anchoring - I anchor touch to good feelings and use "this" and point to self when describing good things

* I also use languaging like weasel phrases, presuppositions, timeline distortion, etc... I'm not sure how they fit into the whole picture of NLP though. Can someone clear this up?

* I also know of submodalities, but I can't use it effectively.

Other than these, I don't pay much attention to NLP stuff. When I try to learn NLP, I can't stand it and get bored very quickly. I've tried Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, RJ, Essential Skills people, Mark Cunningham, etc... Dave Riker was cool though.

Other than what I mentioned, what other concepts are there to learn and what else would you recommend for furthering my understanding while not feeling like killing myself?