New to Game! Help with girl!

Ok, So I am in the process of learning the game. I have only read the book MM. I bought it late last week. I need some help with a girl I am seeing on where to go. Short(well long) break down of it all

Saturday Night First Date(and first meeting in person)

I am trying to work some of the game in but still learning, so I merged it

Met for drinks and was talking. I gave a FTC that I was headed out later. After an hour or so of talking with minor drinking. She asked me to go to another bar with her to meet her friends.

Bar Two.

Met her friends and drinking more. I am trying to pay attention to her friend and make some IOI's with her. I mean she brought me here, so she is attracted right. Well her friends kept buying us drinks and what not. So she starts to touch me and get closer. She is walking around with me hand and hand. We decide to go to another bar and we all go in one vehicle. (Both of us plan to just drink water so we can drive home)

Bar Three

She is pretty drunk now. We dance. She is tightly holding me and giving lots of IOI's. We start to dance (grinding) she takes her shoes off and I hold them while dancing. We dance face to face and what not. Her and I are just like locked at the eyes for few songs. I kiss her cheek and she kisses me on the lips.

We leave back to the cars and I know she is still pretty drunk. So I tell her that either she goes with me or her friends. I say she can sleep at my house in my bed and I will sleep on the couch. She goes with me. We get back to my place and I give her so water, some headache medicine and we listen to music for a little. I give her a t-shirt and tuck her in. We kiss and what not, nothing heavy. I sleep on the couch. Next morning she gets up and after about a hour I take her to her car. We hug and she says I hope to see you again. I tell her to text me after her work. She does and it playful but not really too flirty.
She was worried that she was drunk and says sorry, she usually isn't a drunk girl. I tell her not to worry about it.

She texts me today and we chat a little.

So First of where do I go now, I realize that I am a AFC and could easy get stuck into LJBF, so I im a little flirty and tell her next time we meet I am kissing her, just don't know where! I am not sure if I should stay in the attraction area or move to comfort.

Also if you feel like it you can tell me all the wrong things I did wrong that night. Like maybe should have slept in my bed? Don't hold stuff for girls? Or scrap the whole night as AFC and start over.

I am getting ready to do a Newbie Mission, just getting some openers and routines down to at least open!