Women friends think I'm still acting needy
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  1. Women friends think I'm still acting needy

    On two separate occasions this week I've been discreetly told by women friends that the reason my success has been so patchy over the years is that I can drive women away by acting needy or by crossing boundaries. It really knocked me for six to hear this - in fact it's painful to even write it - as I thought I'd completely understood why such behaviour is a total no-no and was beginning to get it handled since making the commitment to learn game.

    I've learned to have a lot less regard for women's understanding and advice on the whole attraction process and even less for their appreciation of what it's like to be a guy trying to get a handle on this stuff - in particular this advice, though genuinely well-intentioned, felt like a good kicking because it was so rooted in the problem and not the solution. But it's alerted me that there's *something* I need to deal with better.

    I feel completely knocked off course and depressed about the whole process. Can someone offer some words of encouragement as to how to (a) get back on track / restore my belief this is gonna work and (b) get a better handle on the whole neediness / boundaries thing?

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    You've been in the game for few months now,

    I haven't seen anyone go to sleep AFC and wakeup PUA next morning. It takes 6 months to see some change, and over a year to master this shit

    Be patient.


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