Making up a story about a ring necklace?
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    Making up a story about a ring necklace?

    From time to time I'll wear a ring a friend gave me around my neck sort of as an accessory. I have had some girls ask me what's the story with the ring, one time a girl asked, "Are you a Hobbit?" and it kind of took me off guard haha. But I wish I had some other cool story to get into about it to maybe demonstrate some values as opposed to just 'my friend gave it to me'. I've been trying to come up with stuff but not sure what direction to lean in.

    Any suggestions?

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    Are you a Hobbit?
    lmao .... post a picture of your 'ring'

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    Don't have a way to now, it's a pretty wide ring far wider than usual ones. And it's silver but a really tarnished silver, a little bronze-ish at parts. I just wear it on this black string sort of, and usually only when I'm wearing v-neck shirts so that it's actually visible

  4. I had a girl call me the hobbit once because she said I look like elijah wood.

    So I said, "Ya man! I'm the hobbit, and I guess that makes you gollum! Cool, we can like, go on a journey together".

  5. Sounds like the truth might be a good story. You have a friend that cares about you, and they gave you a ring. Instead of making shit up, try incorporating the real parts of you that demonstrate you are happy with yourself and the people in your life.


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