Did I mess this up?
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  1. Did I mess this up?

    So bout 3 weeks ago I meet this girl at the bar. Shes showing immediate interest touching, smiling, turned towards me most of the night. Anyways she get my # from a friend and invites me to go blaze with her. I go, drop her back off and get a kiss from her on the cheek. She tells me to call, then I get 3 phone calls 20 minutes later from her where we set up a date.

    Go out on date and it goes great, lots of attraction, laughing, making out. Make a date for a few days later, something comes up but she still comes by my house to see me until she has to leave. I was leaving for FL the next morn so she sends me a text saying have a safe trip, can't wait for u to come back. I recieve texts like this while I am away and then we get together the night after I get back.

    We go out, more kissing, totally into me, go back to my house, things get really hot, couldn't have sex cuz shes on the rag. Telling me how much she loves kissing me , leaves and sends a text saying how much I turn her on and she can't wait for whats to come.

    Calls me the next day, I call her and invite her over, she says yes then flakes. Calls the next day saying she was sorry and fell asleep. Asks me to go out with her and her friends that night, I jump in the shower, go out for a quick beer while waiting for her call. She never calls. Texts me the next morn asking what happened and I respond telling her she never called. Call her later that afternoon, she doesnt answer and texts back several hours later. Saying shes away and that she wants to see me tomorrow.

    Next day she texts and I tell her we should meet up around 8. She asks what I want to do and says she will call when shes ready. Never calls. I send a text asking what happened, no response. I call her the next day leave a message, no call back.

    This is where it gets weird. Next day she calls and texts me 4 times and wants me to go out with her but I don't answer my phone. Shit she flaked on me all weekend, then didn't call me back on Monday.

    Texts me wed asking what I am doing. I reply with that I am out and tell her where I am if she wants to join me. Never hear back from her. Try calling her later that night, no answer. Then thanksgiving day she wishes me happy thanksgiving. This girl is obviously playing games.

    Later that night I get a message from her asking when she can c me again. I don't respond. Call the next day, no answer, leave a message no call back all day so I decided to send a message calling her out. I sent a text saying "look my time is important 2 me, make up your mind, you either want something or not, let me know and stop wasting my time".

    For the record I never chased this broad cuz she was making all the contact and doing all the chasing, I would just call her back and reply to her texts but not right away, within an hour or so though. I did make myself available for her though, maybe too available, thats the only thing I can see I did wrong, but now I am thinking the last text I sent was a bad move. Thoughts.

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    She sounds KIND of like a lunatic to me. All this sporatic shit of you call her and no reply, then she calls you 4 times. Sounds like some crazy shit. I would back off for a few days, total freeze out. Make like a 3 day promise, and in those three days forget everything that has happened thus far. Then you take it from scratch with a text message. when shit gets too hectic aka missed calls, flakes, no texts etc. etc. just take a step back, breathe, give life a couple days to calm down, then re-initiate.

    This aint 100% sure thing, just a humble guys opinion.

  3. So she texts me the next day telling me shes not wasting my time, likes chillin with me and wants to know when she can get kisses. I passed out so I didnt respond. Next day calls and asks what I am doing, I say I am tied up. Call her later that night and ask her whats going on, shes saying things have been crazy, I ask whats shes up to this week and set up a date the next night for 7pm with me picking her up.

    Next day she texts asking if she can just meet me at my house. I tell her to call me after work. She calls and says she might have to run a quick errand and would rather meet me at my house so I say thats fine, then she says she will call when shes set. 7 comes around no call, 745 I call, right to voice mail, 830 I am pissed, call and it just rings then goes to voice mail.

    I didn't leave a message cuz it would have been bad news. So that was monday and I haven't heard a peep from her. How does a woman go from wanting to fuck to blowing you off.

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    Holy shit. This is madness. I would cut this girl off. She is a fuckin loony. I am lost here I have no idea what to tell you.

  5. She sounds like a very odd girl - if she's like this now - chances are it will be like this forever. Stay away!


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