Why did I cum so fast?
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  1. Why did I cum so fast?

    I just recently lost my virginity and the first time I had sex it kind of felt like my penis was numb because I barely felt the inside of the vagina. I lasted for about 45 minutes my first time. I don't know how. But then I had sex for the second time and only lasted about 2 minutes. Could anyone explain to me what could've happened. I wore a condom both times. Please help.

  2. you probably were extremely nervous the first time, and not so much this time.

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    sometimes when your nervous like that that stuff can happen

    well when you Loose your Virginity.. usually one of three things happen

    1) you POP your load really fast
    2) You Last 5-10 minutes
    3) you last about 20 or 30+ minutes

    Its only because Sex is all Hyped up and your really nervous causing your Nervs to act differently. The most common by far is Premature Ejaculation which means your cuming like right away.. 10secconds -- 2 minutes... otherwsie it could work opposiite.. ur case.. and it will make u last for.. "45" minutes.

    Second time it wasn't as HYPED and u were more relaxed..

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    Well you know that you don't have to worry about condoms slowing you down. Some guys wear condoms for that reason more than they do for protection. Sometimes the condoms make it go numb. Or even without protection, just sliding in and out for a long time could make both of you numb. Ask any man who's had to deal with baby fever. Sex can become work and a chore.

    You can just tell her to give you a little bit of time and you'll be ready for round 2 in a little bit, but in the meantime...

    Have a washcloth handy and a trash can by the bed. You'll figure out tips to last longer,usually distracting yourself with non-sexual thoughts. Or going for round 3, but it might take a couple of hours.

    It's part of going all night.

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    if you ever feel like your gonna pop, back off, it's your game. Step back, buy some time by switching positions/eating that pussy, then go back at it. Pussy is not like joining a gang, once your in you can get opt to pull out.
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    control ur breathing... Dont focus on the poon... If anything... look at her, talk to her... Do something to get ur mind off of the sensations...
    My best guess was lack of concentration. I can cum on command... I give her a good time. I focus on her, touch her, control my breathing... change pace and penetrating distance... I like to keep my brain active... I dont just hump at a robotic pace... If u have music playing, try to do it to the music. Keeps ur mind focused on something other than sex. It still feels good... and it'll blow her mind away...

    It's kinda like calling cadence when u run (Army). Keeps ur mind off the pain...

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    Cum control

    When I'm going to cum and I'm not ready, I give her tiny little pumps - enough that I don't slide in and out but it's more like jerking, but it still stimulates her.

    I'll also lift my pelvis off her a little and lower it back down, that way my penis sort of waves in her insides, but it doesn't stimulate me so much.

    You can also learn some real heavy stuff from the book "ESO: Extended Sexual Orgasm" - where you can eventually make ejaculation a voluntary response. It has a whole bunch of other tidbits too. I haven't gotten so far that I can totally control orgasm, but with exercises they claim you can.


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