How long do i wait to call after number-closing?
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  1. How long do i wait to call after number-closing?

    I number closed an HB7 last night how long should i wait to call her? Do i make plans to hang out or do i just conversate with her? Any advice would be helpful advice.

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    I dont follow one of those stupid rules that say you call her in 3 days not show neediness.

    I sometimes call at night so my voice will be the last thing she hears before she sleeps. It creates deep comfort
    And I text as soon as i get the number

    Do i make plans to hang out or do i just conversate with her? Any advice would be helpful advice.
    You to have a conversation on the 1st call. Then on the second call talk a little then set a place to meet.

    Next time arrange the exact time and place for the day2 before leaving the interaction. So she will be thinking of you and so she'll take your calls rather than screen it.

  3. I don't think it matters so much. What is more critical is that you have confidence in yourself. My friend told me he learned in business that you call back within 24 hours, 48 tops. That way it shows you are still interested. I figured it isn't necessarily the same with women. Well I gave it a try anyways. I gave this woman a call the next day after she gave me her number. Some of my friends told me they thought she might not remember me. But when I called she was so excited and told me that she didn't even think I would call. Then I went to her place the next day and made out with her after a few hours of talking. She was so excited and so turned on that she was calling me every day after that.
    So the thing is not to worry or think like that. Save it for the chumps.
    What is more important is the actual communication you do when you talk to her. I can give a good example. A lot of folks want to just get numbers. They think that means they are the man if they get the number, as though the faster you can get her number after the approach the better your game. I disagree to an extent. She can do it just to be nice. She can also give you the wrong number. What is more important is your communication and how you make her feel. For example, the longer you talk to her and the harder you seduce her in the first meeting the better results you will have when you finally do call her and set up a second meeting. Heck, if you can fuck her then and there even better. In the example above with that woman I made out with, I probably could have made out with her the night I got her number, but she apparently had some business to attend to. What happened is that I met her at a party and talked to her for a little while. I seduced her really hard, pretty much I played with her mind really well. When it was time for her to go she just gave me the number without me even asking. Why? Because I made her feel fascinated with me, I formed an emotional connection with her in about 15 minutes, that in which probably seemed a lot longer to her. I made her feel like she could not wait to talk to me again. Waiting to call her probably would not have made a difference. Heck, it might have even given her enough time to forget about me.
    Now if you were to just pull a number in say anywhere from 0-3 minutes, what do you think are the chances of having success when I finally do call? A lot less. So the more work you do on the initial meeting (or the harder you seduce her) the better results you will get.
    If she is really interested she will pick up and talk to you, then you can either set up a next meeting or you can work on seducing her even more over the phone. But it depends on the situation and how you work it. If you can set up a next meeting then do it ASAP and get off the phone. How ever, if your phone game is good then it probably couldn't hurt to talk to her more. The point of your communication is to get a result. So you want it to be seductive talk. Every situation is different. She might live a block away from you so set up a meeting. She might live far away from you so in that case you have to do some talking. Overall, it's up to you and how you feel it works best in your situation. Just feel it out.


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