An inner game solution
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    An inner game solution

    I don't know if this is where it belongs, but anyway...

    Ask yourself, 'What is good or bad?' Is it bad to rejected and good to be accepted? Is it bad to lose your job and good to get a job? Sounds reasonable, right?

    Ok, so what if you get rejected by a hundred girls and what you learn gives you the ability to f-close a thousand girls? Is it still bad to get rejected?

    What if you lose your job and it allows you more time to pursue an interest that triples your income? Is it still bad to lose your job?

    My point being that good/bad is a perception. There is nothing inherently good or bad about any event, location, object or person, including you. Good and bad are absolutes and nothing is absolute.

    Some people suggest you always view things as a positive (an optimist), but I prefer to view things as they are (a realist). If you play non-judgemental observer in your own life, happiness arises without effort. And happiness is the most attractive quality you can possess. No matter what happens, you maintain compsure. It also frees you up to learn a skillset without beating yourself up or breaking your arm patting yourself on the back, which means you learn faster, more efficiently and with better results.

    This to me is inner game.

  2. Good call, this is better realised when the 100th girl gives you the lockout..

    Get out there and get some rejecton into you.. It feels nice

  3. much like the yin yang....there is some good in bad and a litte of bad in good.....
    they both cannot be without the other or else you have no point of

    mostly this is because of the're right in that if your ego was are therefore unjudging of events and situations in your life...

    for my inner game...i found that even though i know human dynamics and i know how situations work...i still obsess about something (a failure, rejection, etc.) until i realise that it's my ego that's ltting me do it....then i just laugh it up...

    i see these moments as keeping myself in i won't be arrogant in the future

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    i tend to take things too personally... i could probably use some arrogance

    anyway, it helps me to remember that its just a story in my head...

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    I really like your idea of getting rejected and learning from experience, but I guess my only problem, that only applies to me, is that somehow I've been rejected all of my life and my mind is going to take it as a program into my brain "you are useless against women, you cannot and will not do this right". I hope I'm wrong, because I'm planning into going into a mall (outside of my living area) to approach girls just for the purpose of getting rejected and learning out of it.

    But anyway, great message for the inner game buddy, I guess I needed a little kick in the butt before I went into doing my thing.

    Thank you.

  6. i agree. i remember i was on the bus to class the other week (at college..not HS lol) and i started talking to some random girl sitting next to me..and for the first time in ages i could tell id struck out magnificently. i got off at the stop for my class..and had a huge smile on my face! it was funny and made me feel alive to not have everything go my way! rejection? who cares!


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