To BE a wingman or NOT to BE a wingman

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    To BE a wingman or NOT to BE a wingman

    I had a discussion with one of my friends that having a wingman is better than not having one. He said that he doesn't like to be dependent on someone. I said that having a wingman is part of the game, and will help you with bigger sets. I also said that it helps put you in that frame of just being out there and having fun rather than specifically 'picking up' by yourself. Men should take care of each other out there, and make sure their friends are having a good time. Most guys are just selfish and want to get some ass. They'll drop their friends in a minute when they smell pussy.

    Anyways, my friend was saying how he wingmen aren't necessary, especially if they aren't that good just BY themselves. If you can't even hold a ONE set by yourself, then you shouldn't be winging.

    So the question is... when you're starting out... should you start out with WINGING... and learn the game while winging... or learn the game by YOURSELF first.. and learn how to handle sets...and THEN go into winging...

    is winging more advanced? or will winging help you get to where you want to be?

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    It all depends of who's your wing.
    I would recommend not having one of your friends as a wing because you will tend to be distracted by too many things.

    Yes the game must be enjoyable, fun and all but at the same timeYOU ARE THERE TO PICK-UP women. Otherwise you'd be home with a bunch of guys sipping a beer.

    Best thing is to find is a guy just like you who is motivated about the game and who is trying to figger it out just like you. Transform him in a wing.

    He will motivate you when you can't pull it together and thrust me this will happen; a lot lol

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    yeah it depends on your wing, i've had some wingman buddies who just ripped me up infront of the ladies and I was pissed, those were the guys who claimed to know the game naturally and not the one that we learn. Most guys are by and large jealous of the other guy if they see him getting a little success then they'll try to rip you up infront of the chick, you really need to be real good friends with the wingman so look hard. Wingman helps when you're still weak in the game but once you've got the game down solid you don't need a wingman, i feel much better picking up by myself to be honest, in most scenarios, the only scenario where u need a wingman is clubs/bars so that u can pull out the social proof if u need to.

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    First I am going to respond to kremie then answer the original post. Man what youíre talking about happens in the game. It's not a man disrespecting you at all. In the end every guy who sarges wants everyone else in their group to get the girl, that is the ultimate goal. Your running into the AMOG situation I have discovered. Every time I go out with another sarger you have to discuss this in advance, whoís the lead and whoís the wing in each set. Mix it up cause the main will AMOG you, its part of making him look better. The main is supposed to be the alpha male, and by being there he has to shine better. Your there to make him look good, and still make yourself not look bad. AMOG him back but if it doesn't stop you need to discuss this prior to going out. Each set is a different opportunity, but all you are doing is subtly changing who is taking the leads. I have a few guys I have sarged with and the first few times worked well but we couldn't get second dates, and some girls were just flat. When thinking back its caused we were fighting ourselves mostly. We each were trying to be the main guy instead of the set up man. Thatís the job of being a wing. I think everyone should wing at least once before asking someone else to do it for them. There for you understand the rules of what he has to go through. Before I regress its a classic Alpha male situation where you have to hang out with your wing and talk it over. You guys are a team not a loner......fight for the same common goal and it will work out well for ya. Good luck and happy sarging.

    Now for the real topic, JDMAN how ya doing? Before I begin how is your day game? How is your single game? I believe you do not need to be fluent or perfect, hell that is. But the truth is this when you go into a set having a wing too early will be used as a crutch for you. That is not what anyone starting or even intermediate really needs. You need to be able to stand on your own.

    Situation A for example. You and your wing go into a 4 person set, 3 girls one guy. The guy is a big brother type guy or maybe he is dating one of the girls, going in you have no idea. So you are the wing to your buddy. He goes in with the opener while you hang partially back. He states he is with you so he canít stay too long. Then when you see the group laughing and genuinely enjoying themselves you walk in. Joining the convo your lead should have already told them about you, neutral to good things. A little while into the set the target and your wing go to be more quiet in the corner, alone time. Youíre now stranded with the set with out your wing. If you are unable to keep it going not only do you ruin your chances but like it or not youíre hurting your friends chances as well. If the friends donít like you, they will tell her and it may make her not want to see your friend. If youíre around.

    Thatís just a way of me saying make sure you can stand on your own before venturing into wingman sets. Being said I love sarging with wings or bigger groups. Makes it more fun, due to the simple fact that youíre not out there alone. So each has a plus and negative and while I say mixing it up is the best to keep your game good, make sure you can do both and not just be a one trick horse.

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    Did't really read what people said in this thread... But...

    Ye, its nice to have a wingman around.
    I actually (since yesterday) have 2 wingman

    First one is my friend from college whom I gave all the CDs and Books I had from Mystery/Style and some other crap so he can study. He was already 'up there' and this was just to to so me and him will have the same mind frame as we go to sarge so there wouldn't be any confussion. Its pretty sick, if we are out one night with a mission JUST to have fun, rather then 'just to have fun and get laid' we have so much fun.

    We start to talking to girls, if I (or him) does something really cool from the books or DVD collection where the girl responds SEXUALLY we turn in to little kids and give eachother props and laugh and shit. And she is right there with her friends being totally clueless.

    And when we want to get some 'steamy secks' we do the same thing.

    Second Wingmang: A girl I met yesterday. She knows more game then I will ever know. 80% of the sarging, she did. I just came in, and got the numbers and girls trying to make out with me. Get a female wingman if you can. And don't get ugly ones, seriouslly. Get a really hot wingman and sarge with her.

    I saw this episode KEYS TO THE VIP where the guy comes to a random girl and tells her, "hey listen, can you introduce me to that girl over there'. SHE WAS MORE THEN HAPPY TO DO SO.

    Get a hot female wingman. She'll enjoy you getting pussy.

  6. Agreed on the female wing.


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