Buenos Aires Part II
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    what are some good openers for a foreigner that can get around in spanish but can't have any sort of sophisticated conversations in the language? I've found that if you speak better spanish than they speak english it's super easy to build attraction (probably b/c it's easy dhv) but i just need to know some good ways to open more smoothly. Also, sometimes if they actually speak ok english it can catch me off guard and I don't know how witty or playful I can be or how much they can understand.

    ?Que esta' algunas abrelatas buenos por un extranjero que habli'a un poco espanol pero no haci'a en conversación bien?

    !vamos muchachos!

    also, the other BsAs thread is too old and their are just too many attractive women in this city not to have an updated thread.

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    Hola Ricardo,

    I've lived in Argentina for 11 months or so and would have to agree that being a gringo is a pretty solid DHV especially when you have a basic grasp of the language. Being such a hospitable people, opening los portenios is pretty easy - as soon as you open your mouth you are indirectly conveying that you are a foreigner - a thread that you can comfotably chat about. Try simple things: asking for directions (day game) or what the bathroom is (bargame) - do a cold read and talk about your country all the while subcommunicating your alphaness (which you do do, right?).

    I'm assuming you have enough basic grammar to get you through some comfort-building story-sharing too. If she gets too complicated with the language at this stage you could even qualify her for it: "Guau. Mira que rapido que hables! [*hug*] Sabes lo que..." and the launch into your own thread.



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