Moving to Denver?
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    Moving to Denver?

    Hey guys looking for an opinion. I am going to be graduating in May 08, and have my heart set on moving to Colorado (I've really gotten into snowboarding and want to be close). It is a little way off but I am excited so I thought I'd ask: would moving into an apartment in the heart of Denver be a good choice to start? I don't know the area too well and was wondering what the Coloradians thought about it.

    I don't get too much time to practice gaming at school cus I am pretty serious about it (plus am a 4 yearer), and plus I have a roommate who I can't wait to get rid of because he basically brings my entire life down and I need to start fresh. So I will be planning on being in a good place to start really cracking down on this stuff and begin a pua lifestyle.

    Any comments would rock guys, and hopefully we can meet up when I move and I could learn along with you guys!

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    I live in South Denver area (DTC - Denver Tech Center) and love it. Grew up in Denver and now running game a couple nights a week. Most of the women are cool and A LOT of AFCs. I'm sort of in the same boat as you, my roomie is moving out at the end of this month. I've tried to teach him some things but he keeps up his AFC ways, has low value, and is extremely lazy. Glad to get rid of him. I'm always open to expanding my social circle and gaming with new talent, when are you moving here?

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    wont be there til probably early June of '08. Gotta finish up school and graduate first unfortunately. I'm from IL and I hate it over here and can't wait to move over to CO. I figure even if I can't find an engineering job (my major) i'll just move there anyway and look for a job while I live there and work a side job.

    With my roommate its his entire personality I can't take anymore. He's a complainer about life in general and his negativity just weighs me down. The tough part is he's been a friend since gradeschool and its hard to break a friendship off like that.

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    Denver might be a little crowded/congested. I live in Lakewood which is a an outer city of denver. YOu should try and move a little further out so that your not right smack in the heart of things. Your choice though. Plus rents right in Denver are really high.


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