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  1. If you're really interested in a job to help with your AA. Try anything in door to door sales. It's a real tricky thing to sell something someone doesn't want or need to them, in their own home.

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    Talking of jobs...
    I work part-time in the supermakret at the checkouts!!!...ok, this is great because I basically get a chance to initiate conversation with everyone and hell...I get A THRILL OUT OF IT (btw, I'm not ashmed of this at all)
    It's pretty cool talking to so many strangers, and being the funny guy that I am, no ones passes by my till without laughin at least once..unless of course, its one of those lil annoyin fucks that wont stop crying because their mama didnt buy them what their spoilt ass wanted
    Since you get to practice, you really do notice a difference when you approach anyone outside (HBs or not). Lol, best part is when one of these rare HB comes and I honestly bust on them like never before...with my cocky funny comments. I feel great because then my sheer presence normally makes them all nervous (dont kno if this is a good thing but it sure feels good) and almost all of them respond with their own lil lines
    So yeh, get a job that puts you out in the open and allows you to communicate with strangers...in your job you can be sure that YOUR IN CONTROL (because your doin your job) and transfer this same attitude to when sargin with girls!!!!

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  5. A great job for building confidence and helping AA is doing survays or handing out leaflets. The place I work needed me to go around and get customers to sign up to their members thing by telling me their phone number and email address and name and stuff (no I didn't take all their numbers and email addresses for personal use), but it deffinately helped me with my AA.

  6. bar work is an awesome way to build confidence, people expect bar tenders to talk to them. you have a reason to approach tables etc, to collect glasses and what not, easy to drop lines in etc,
    if a hot chick orders a round or whatever, I always end up cheekily asking "i didnt quite catch that, was that one for me as well?" with a smile on, 9 times out of 10, they'll call u a cheeky fucker, but you'll get the drink and then you have a reason to join them at their table with it.
    but yeh, id definately recommend getting a bar job, especially if you are at uni or whatever was the point of the post
    word x

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  8. Yep, I agree that the key to overcoming approach anxiety is practice also. The first few times you approach a girl you will probably be nervous (I know I was), but as you approach more women you will get less and less nervous. Just remember that even if you get rejected, it's not the end of the world.. You're not going to die.. and there are plenty of other sexy women out there that you might have luck with. You never know unless you try.

    That's the way I viewed approaching women back when I was single, it worked very well for me. Although, I was usually able to at least make the girls smile, so I'm sure that helped me feel better about the rejection also.

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    Day game helps me feeling comfortable talking to girls at night. Agree with above ideas collecting donations in the street for your favourite charity can oil those wheels of communication. Especially if your a bit rusty.

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    Volunteering for your local charity to gather donations from the public is a great disguise in practicing your social & verbal skills as you choose who to approach and how far you wanna go. I've had a girl throw a stocking into my bucket of coins once.

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    I've been told by a friend that my negs and jokes when I try to make fun of a girl are bordering on insults. I do know I like dark humour and I go a touch farther than most would. But I am unaware of my intonation. I mean no harm or anything bad, but my intonation sys otherwise. How do I remedy that?

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