My Post Was Moved Here, What Is This Newbie Forum?

Q: My post got moved here, why?

A: Newbie forum was created to help new guys, in the field (or not), get better and feel welcomed, on TMM. Everyone had to start somewhere. So don’t feel bad.

Perhaps you just got out of a relationship and you’re a little bit rusty on your skills. Probably, have some AA (Approach Anxiety) and need some basic help.

Or maybe you just finally came in terms with yourself, and decided to finally hit the field (after being biggest TMM Keyboard Jockey for 600+ posts), and you’re going to run into some “interesting” questions. You can ask them here.

When your post gets moved to Newbie Forum, that’s our gentle and polite way of saying: “DO A FUCKING SEARCH!” In other words, your topic has been addressed and you can find answers to your questions in one of these places:

-Magic Bullets: About 80% topics that are moved to Newbie Forum can be answered by one comprehensive book
-Archives: That’s right. By doing basic search, you can find answer to some of your questions. If not it should point you in the right direction
-Field: this is biggest educational resource. You learn 80% of your game in the field. Almost all calibration questions are answered through practice and more practice

Newbie Section is not just for new guys. Some of the veterans can post there too.

Q: How about “this one girl”??

A: Sorry boys and girls, that still goes to Jive Turkey!

~ Love you all,