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    I said it to you then....and ill say it again...move on or start at A2...if the latter fails...move on dude and just stay friends.
    Or just ask her to be your f&*k buddy!!!!!!! That could work!


  2. Thanks for the advice guys, think next time i see her, im just gonna qualify her then grab her and kiss her
    btw, how can this be a one-itis, i see her like once every 2-4months, i game every other girl i get oppurtunity to game, when i dont see her i forget about her, its just this past week i seen her twice and she was lookin hot, i just wanna bang that shit, but ye think ive formulated my plan now bros, dunno when ill see her next like but whatever

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    game on
    she's an 8 and is attracted to you, next time follow the rules from initial attraction and see where it goes
    nothing to lose and she's just a girl you bump into now and again
    however if you are deluged with desperate 10s then maybe leave it, but i'd definitely give it a try.

  4. Guys update/field report;
    Man this girl is a solid 8, AND I FUCKED UP YET AGAIN, seriously bros i need a game plan, i saw her again tonight un expected, heres the whole story, be prepared;
    Our history; basically known her since year 14/15 from highschool, i was always in with the popular group and class clown to an extent (used to get everyone laughin), my history and inner game goes, deep when i was about 15 i stopped going to the gym and put SHIT loads of weight on, like i remember putting nearly a stone on in 2 weeks, i got really self conscious as i was getting bigger (yes i let it spiral), alot of the hot girls in the 'popular' crew would drop so big hints they like me such as 'what i really look for in a guy is humour', then stare straight at me, so bad I used to skip school cos' I was ashamed/embarrased/afraid of anything happening, it's really wierd, but with the weight came a huge self-consciounce (sp?), this girl in question made it too clear she liked me but as said I wouldn't do anything cos of my weight, hence I went from being 14/15 walking upto girls in the under 18s club and just outright saying 'get with me', to not even being comfortable with a girl touching me, I was still cool chatting and flirting with them, but as soon as it became clear they liked me I got scared/self conscious, so much as said I'd skip school.
    Anyway I left that school at 16, the only guy to do this, the rest carried on, so although I saw all my bros constantly I only saw these girls every couple of months, by this time I had started gym again but still fat (hadnt dieted yet), until 4-5 months ago I said fuck this, and have dieted STRICTLY since, like chicken, complex carbs or healthy fats for every meal, I've dieted like a bodybuilder, and now I'm getting slimmer, and all these old chicks who used to like me still fucking do, and its fucking my game up ROYAL.
    Field report;
    A guy from college (where all my friends all still go) its his 18th, so EVERYONE IS OUT. like a reunion.
    So tonight I roll into the pub, shes there, gives STRONG eye contact then throws herself at me, comes sits next to me as CLOSE as possible her tits rubbing me, SO I start playing it cool like PRICK not knowing where in the game I am, It went in seating order; her, me, my homeboy, his girlfriend whos best friends with HB8 in questions, and my homeboys g/f is tapping my leg and signalling to HB8, and I'm like 'oh ye shes already told my how much you fancy me' to HB8 playing it cocky as fuck (its true she has told all her friends, who have told me how much she likes me).
    So we move to next place, and same shit happens I'm playing it cool (or like a prick whatever you think suites best), just denying her fully, its BLATANTLY obvious she likes me, by this time all my homeboys are coming upto me 'man just fucking pull her it's getting ridiculous', and I'm like 'all in good time bros', then we go to next place in a taxi me, another friend and this OTHER HB8, and this other HB8 is like 'oh you do no how muh HB8 wants you', by this point I feel LIKE THE FUCKING MAN.
    So we roll into this little shitty town 'club' if you can call it, its local club for town, so where in there same shits going down, shes literally ALL over me, and Im like 'you havent earned a kiss yet' trying to play it cool like always, then she kind of backs off altogether and starts swinging of other people in the club and grinding with them etc, and by this point I'm ready to fucking eat her lips of and FUCK her crazy, I thought I had done great, but she just went cold.
    Ok so about 1am, we are all dancing and the birthday boy just got kissed and I go to her 'Isnt it about time we kissed?' and she gives me a cheeky peck on the lips and kind of goes cold, and says 'lets go kiss birthday boy', so I'm like 'woah you've blown it now' and walk away and dance with some other friends, then she went super cold, no eye contact with me, dancing with everyone else, just basically like she had 0 interest (she was drunk by this time btw).
    Anyway at the end everyone saying there good byes and she comes over, and we're staring at each other, and my heart starts pounding again i'm thinking 'finally', and I'm like 'so now we kiss?', iI have my hands on her waist, AND SHE GIVES ME ANOTHER PECK ON LIPS, and I'm like 'FUCKKKKK' in my head, and I say 'no a proper kiss', guess what she does? another fucking PECK on lips, (shes still in my arms at this point), then I just go 'right you've blown it now, get off me' in a playful manner, and I walk away.
    Thats it basically.
    Now I'm thinking the times she pecked my lips I should have grabbe dher head and just kissed her proper.
    Guys I dunno how to game this fucking chick, WHERE THE FUCK AM I? I have attraction, I have comfort and trust (i've known her for years), I'm seriusly stuck, I feel as thought the best option is to just walk upto her, grab her and kiss her, BUT i dont have the FUCKING BALLS.
    BTW, SOCIAL PROOF IS NOT AN ISSUE; there was 30 of us out and I'm a popular guy definately amongst the guys (shit I'm a fun guy to be around =DD) and when we hit the last club that onyl holds 300 people (its a shitty town club where everyone from our town goes) I knew EVERYONE in there, seriously, 10 guys from my gym where there, my cousins, my brothers friends, my friends, my new college friends, it was ridiculous.
    Guys it's alot to read, say I have one-itis, i know I don't, it's simply need to get this chick out of the way to succesfully feel complete, maybe you dont understand me, but it's something I need to do, for me.
    ALL ADVICE/STRATEGIES are welcome.

  5. yo guys think shes out tomoz, so ill be seeing her then, probably last time for a couple of months now, so i need a gameplan
    ps, malibu how can i start in a2, we already know each other for like 5 years, i know she likes me, its fucked up

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    This forum is not a place for One-Itis problems.
    ALL One-Itis posts are going in the Wall of Shame from here on in.
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  7. The friend zone

    Ok guys,
    I'm stuck in the friend zone.
    Help ! What can I do ?
    She is considering breaking up with her boyfriend (so i hear from her friends). So I have hope, but she just told another mate that I am her "friend".
    Any advice is appreciated however I am keen on this girl and as such advising me to move on and find another girl is not desired.

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    Please go here:
    This should explain what she thinks of you.
    If she says just a friend - the thought of sleeping with you probably creeps her out. Sorry Man.

  9. I wouldn't go with the ladder theory. I didn't read it all but if I got it right, that conversation is trying to rationalise adjusting your friendship to a, something more than friends.
    She's not gonna want to hear that. Maybe that theory is true, a girl does get some gratification from guys who are friends, but they are friends because she didn't want it to get sexual and the guy has more value as a girlfriend than risking that for one night of something she might regret. She knows this, she doesn't want to have to admit it openly though.
    I suggest that you hang out like you normally would, make sure you make it a fun time, tease her, play around don't jump through any of her hoops. Don't be a girlfriend, if she wants to go on about her problems, don't put up with it control the frame. Change the thread. Then try a phase shift at somepoint. If not then some other way of switching it, just let it happen.
    Give it a shot. Think to yourself would you rather try and maybe hook up, or would you rather not and be her girlfriend while she enjoys her freedom with a bunch of other guys. If it doesn't work out, so what?
    Let it happen, your in a good position, just don't be the rebound guy.
    By the way, don't ever listen to hearsay, what ever her friends say is not always what she might say. Maybe she might break up with him, then maybe there's no fall back guy so she'll stick with it until something comes along. Couples get back together all the time, couples almost break up all the time. It takes a lot for a girl to just leave a guy when there's no forseeable backup. They need the attention and they crave sex 24/7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pudlem
    Ok guys,
    I'm stuck in the friend zone.
    Help ! What can I do ?
    At this point, with your presumed skillset and attitude, there isn't much you CAN do. You've got a severe case of scarcity mentality which is extremely detrimental to you. Forget about her and go fuck ten other women. Come back and see if you still feel the same way about her.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pudlem
    She is considering breaking up with her boyfriend (so i hear from her friends). So I have hope, but she just told another mate that I am her "friend".
    Any advice is appreciated however I am keen on this girl and as such advising me to move on and find another girl is not desired.
    Nope, sorry. This forum is dedicated to building your skillset, not to game one specific girl. In this situation, we advise EVERYBODY to move on and find another girl, whether or not you desire to hear it. Check out this topic for more:
    Welcome to the Worst Of The Forum.

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