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    Americans are so fat and big nowadays I only lift to maintain tone, not so much bulk up.

    Shit my little cousin's HS football team these are 16-18 yr old kids all weigh over 200 lbs.

    At my college I lived on a dorm floor with fb players they were all over 250 trying to get bigger bigger bigger.

    Pretty sure America is one of the few countries in the world where we are obsessed with size. Im 5'11 and when I go to bars Im often one of the smaller dudes there, Americans are simply huge.

    Yes girls are attracted to size, but anymore for you to be considered a 'big, strong guy' youre probably going to have to be at least 215 + ....do you really want to feel bloated and carry that much weight around?

    It's a personal choice but dudes in America its an arms race with size for you to have bulk and be perceived as strong youre going to have to be over 200 pounds which I dont think is even healthy.

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    No its not important . I live in rugby country and all guys trying to look big but there is difference steroid big or athletic build.Girls prefer athletic build more under athletic I mean 6-8% body fat so your six pack is visible , you bulked up but not over the top .
    So don't stress you don't need to do steroids in order to get big I only take whey protein and proper diet and I already gained some good mass in past 3 month but I push hard in gym , I do most of the parts of my body twice a week and trust me I can kick some of those steroids guys asses in lifting weights

  3. Multi-Vitamin, Glutamine, BCAA, Protein powder for post workout, Gaba for anxiety, and Co-Q10.. I like keep my body running optimally.

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    I am training a lot and I take dozen of supplements.

    For my work out I take protein powder, creatin, zinc,magnesium and fish oil.

    And a good nutriton is the most important thing

  5. Was training a lot until last week (old injury flair up..)

    Mainly aiming at fat loss:

    L Carnitine
    Omega 3

    BCAA 4:1:1 before work out

    Whey protein after work out

    Very lean diet at present.

    Down 25lbs since xmas. Aiming for the 6 pack to be popping within a month (if this damn injury settles down)

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    I am currently on a Diet so i am taking- Creatine, Multivitamin and Fish Oil

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    Hello, everyone. Currently, I am taking only creatine - 5 grams a day. However, I am planning to use additional supplements such as weight gainers, protein shakes, and etc.


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