Braddock Bootcamp - Houston, Nov 2007

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    Braddock Bootcamp - Houston, Nov 2007

    This is the second time I have worked with Braddock. His bootcamp was fucking amazing and I learned alot. But instead of telling you all about my experience I can tell you how I have personally seen him perform not only as a PUA but as an instructor with everyone.

    As a PUA I've seen Braddock:
    1) Pickup incredibly hot women and get SNL's in an amazingly short period of time
    2) Make women want him so bad that they stick around a venue waiting for him, even if they have to tell their friends to leave them.
    3) Is an awesome wing to have in amazingly difficult pickup situations
    4) Beta the fuck out of people trying to steal his sets

    As an instructor:
    1) Braddock can watch you in set and quickly pinpoint what it is you need to change to cause your game to explode. (He has gotten me through 2 sticking points with simple instructions that weren't explained in the books or that I have seen anywhere on the internet! And I have watched him do the same with at least 4 other students. The change is immediate!
    2) Has a vast amount of knowledge about every stage in pickup and can give you material in any area that you are having trouble with.
    3) Is incredibly personable and genuinely cares about you learning the material and getting what you want out of life and pickup.
    4) Can teach YOU how to beta the fuck out of people! (Seriously... there was some other workshop going on in the bar and a guy came in to my set using material. Too bad for him my instructor showed me how to deal with that)

    I'm planning on working with Braddock again soon. You WILL see results quickly. Trial and error is important, but why spend a potentially endless amount of time when you can just blow through sticking points in a night with Braddock. Up to you... if you don't... I will.
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    I'm yet to meet anyone that has personally met Braddock and hasn't been really impressed by his game. It's unreal.

    Combine that with his teaching skills and how committed he is to the students and you'll see why every student that comes into Braddock's path sees a deep rooted change in their game and life in general.

    Good stuff!

  3. Braddock's Advanced Two Day Bootcamp Review

    Let me initialize with some background... I've been in the game for three months now going out to social functions, clubs, bars, ect... about four to five times a week with high number close rate, but have not been able to build enough comfort to get past that hang-up and a lot of phone numbers are really just annoying after you figure out that you can't go anywhere with most of them due to the lack of comfort in the set and essentially setting the bar too low (# close) as opposed to plowing through and going for the venue change progression or f close...

    So Braddock comes into town and immediately assesses my game in about an hour. It was as if we were playing Texas Hold Em', only my cards were posted on my forehead. I'm too Alpha, go in with too many negs, and build so much attraction in the initial phase that its impossible for me to go into qualification & comfort after I reach an over flowing cup of attraction and the interaction dies. Which is exactly what I had been experiencing for the last three months...

    After a five hour class session and a personal breakdown of the holes in my game we went out on the town for some in field trials... Braddock told me to lose the negs, be a very toned down cocky-funny before being nice guy and building comfort.... So I open about ten sets, am able to stay in set very well, # close and HB7 and had an HB10promnight chasing me around the bar. She was a blonde wearing an evening dress reminiscent of prom night, so my opener, "Is it Prom night or what?" smile... back turn... She laughs we get into conversation, I switch to nice guy almost immediately and then some qualification... "Can you cook" she comes back with only "Mac & Cheese" I say great and immediately role play as if we are already a couple and I'm breaking up with her because I'm fed up with her horrible kitchen skills... "That's it, we're done, I want my DVD's back"... back turn, walk over to the bar. She stands there for a second waiting for me to come back before chasing me down... She loved it. Never had I been able to play with an HB10 like she was a puppet like that before and I knew every move she was going to make before she even did it. Then I fucked it up after chasing after her, but it was late and I wanted to close it.

    Braddock broke down the whole set for me in depth and then I number closed HB7alabama that was in a three set with one guy afterwards because the HB10 social proofed me like a mofo. That set was like eating fresh apple pie like Mom makes, after being social proofed this chick was ecstatic that I was talking to her and wouldn't leave until I took her number.

    Next day we plow through another six + hours of material that was cutting edge. Braddocks Social Circle game is a major breakthrough to put it mildly. Combining his AFC days of social circle game with the psychological power of our modern game seems completely unfair to any target I use it on. Braddock has a game for almost any situation, he's got girlfriend game, relationship game, sick sexually escalation game, and social circle game among others that he probably didn't have time to go over, but the guy is on point, in your face, and no bullshit. He shoots straight and tells you how it is. No sugar coating, its just straight down to business.

    So, with my newly formulated personal routine stack in which he removed all of my negs (which I absolutely hated) we roll to the baddest club in all of Houston. Get their early, and start gaming it up... about thirty minutes into it I'm smoker gaming outside and I look over and see a woman that looks like she just walked right off of the cover of Vogue and into the lounge chair at about three o'clock my time. I am literally stunned by her beauty. Three seconds are up, fuck, dude go over there, (screaming at myself inside) I stride over at a non-threatening angle... "Hi, (with a big friendly smile and a handshake) you look like you walked right off of the cover of a magazine." - She loved it! Run some mini comfort game, find out their sisters, and then eject... then ten minutes later I re-open with another comfort building cat string mini opener that I love to do... Blah blah blah... she says a few things and tells me she's a model from London visiting her sister... I tell her that her accent is so adorable that its not even fair and I can't even talk to her anymore... back turn... ejection... I go back to our boys and Braddock tells me she loves me and that I should press the issue on that one because she's absolutely gorgeous. I go around with some other sets with the guys, mini openers, yata yata yata... then I introduce Braddock to an HB10 that I mini opened earlier just to social proof myself to the HB10london, and then watch him plow through it. So now HB10london is at a VIP table with bottle service, three modelesque women, a gay guy, and four other dudes. Fuck it, I'm basically in love with her... with my back turned I immediately start gaming the gay guy, he loves me... and turns out he runs the whole place too (connector BAM!) then the dude from Belgium, he's a molecular biologist so I take that an run with it and start telling him he needs to clone HB10london for me (fyi I'm ignoring her the entire time), then I open the guy that's sitting adjacent to the target, he says hi and gets up to offer me his seat right next to HB10London... BAM! So then I try some Texas game on HB10london getting her to say "How Yall doing" with a British accent was probably the most adorable thing that I've ever seen. Then I mini isolate (oh, btw that chick is about 5'11 if not six foot, brunette, killer smile, legs that never end, and a tan that looks like she's been in Hawaii for the last month... absolutely gorgeous and with a personality to back it up) so, mini-isolate after I get everyone in the group to love me, running some photo game on the whole group and then everyone is just "OK" that I take her away to the bar with me... we get a yeager bomb, I make her say "How Yall doing in a British accent a few more times, run a little kino, some qualification, some comfort, tell her I have to get back to my friends, and then number close.
    I was ecstatic because I ran the best game ever up until this point in my life and it was very smooth every phase of it. But I set the bar too low, and I could've stayed in that set for the rest of the night because they all loved me. You live and you learn. But basically, without Braddock, I never would have known to tone down my game and just get to comfort with the type of personality that I have and it worked wonders.

    I'd say the boot camp was a 9 out of 10 because I didn't nail the HB10london model, but that was my fault not Braddock's. It will probably be re-rated to an eleven after I work the social circle game aspect and have five girlfriends that are nines or above.

    Thanks Braddock, that was the most eye-opening experience I've ever had...

    The Counte

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    Wow!! Thanks guys. You guys did great. H Town was a blast. Keep the momentum going.

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    Why am I not surprised that youre running an advanced BC now B-man?

    Yes, I've seen it - Braddock's got some of the best game ive ever seen, both natural and learned. One of the two wings I'd choose to go along side me in bar fight with HB 10's (alongside AFCAdamlondon, my regular wing!).

    Good to hear these camps are going well matey...

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